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How to update DVBViewer


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I have version on a Windows 8,1 PC.


How do I upgrade to a more recent issue?


I have downloaded the most recent setup.exe file , but when I try and run this nothing deems to actually happen.


Am I doing something wrong?

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Well nothing worked whatever I did - tho' something was running in the background.


I have a different Anti-virus to that originally used and disabling that for 10 minutes cleared the problem!


I just wish some sort of indication was displayed with a clash like this.


Thanks for anybody looking @ this and sorry if obvious to you

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I just wish some sort of indication was displayed with a clash like this.



Yes, but it's your anti-virus who should display a message "blocked XYZ" or something. How could DVBViewer setup display anything when it's blocked?

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version is the most STABLE - win.10 x64 PRO

version 5.5.2 is horrible CRASH - win.10 x64 PRO

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Remove crapware like:


Install K-Lite Codec Pack


Keep your system clean from unnecessary codecs, splitters and such. If you mess up your system too bad you will be forced to format and re-install windows.

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