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2 monitors duplicate picture causes stutter

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first off my PC specs:


cpu i5 4460

gpu R9 380x

8GB ram

OS Windows10



I have 2 monitors, one for gaming and one for watching TV when im in bed. I prefer having both TVs active at the same time therefore I duplicate the picture from my main monitor to my TV monitor. Both are connected through the GPU ports (1x DVI, 1xHDMI). As soon as I start DVBViewer Pro and go into fullscreen it starts to stutter really bad on both monitors. As long as I stay out of fullscreen it doesnt happen Ironically, I can maximize the window and the lag doesn happen but then the taskbar is visible. Does anyone know why this is happening? It doesnt make any sense to me. I think it might have to do something with sync?

Other than that DVBViewer is the best TV software on the market. I havent seen anything else that good with so many features.

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I just tried again (3 days later) and it magically works lol. This topic can be closed, thx all for this incredible software. Best TV software!!!

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