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Cannot switch back to recording channel?

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I have the ;latest RS running with a dual tuner card (TBS 6902) and I am experiencing a curious issue in Kodi PVR addon:


Steps to reproduce:


1. start recording channel A

2. switch to another channel B - works fine

3. switch back to channel A - nothing happens

4. switch to any other channel except A - works fine

5. stop recording channel A

6. switch to any channel, period - nothing happens. Channel switching simply doesn't work until I restart the RS and Kodi


Any ideas? Attached is my debug log.


Many thanks!


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OK so I can only reproduce this on encrypted channels. FTA channels switching is workign fine during recording.


Must be something wrong with my plugins config - I notice only the plugin in c:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\Plugins\Plugins2\ is active when I am watching an encrypted channel in Kodi. Shouldn't it be the one in c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\Plugins\Plugins1\ instead?

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Sorry, decrypting by software is not supported in this forum - see forum rules. You can try to post your question in the DVBViewer Add-On section of the Kodi forum.


Topic closed.


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