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Media Server web interface configuration not possible


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Now I can see the problem. The whole webserver and everything that depends on it is disabled. Must be a setting from an old Recording Service installation. Try the following:

  1. Stop the Media Server, close the options.
  2. Go to the configuration folder and open the file \config\service.xml with a text editor.
  3. Search the section WebGeneral and set <entry name="Enabled">0</entry> to 1 or simply delete the line
  4. Save, restart the Media Server and the Options. Check if everything is ok and accessible now.

I think I will remove the code that still responds to this old setting. It would only make sense for someone who wants to use the recording engine without any server functionality.


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Thank you, I got the Media Server running and configuration working :)


Next problem, which is pretty bad: recording to a network file server (Freenas) does not work. Recording with DVBViewer work fine but with the Media Server recordings go to C:\Users\Public\Videos. File server is mapped to X:


Connecting to Media Server with DVBViewer does not work either.



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1 hour ago, mitsu said:

Next problem, which is pretty bad: recording to a network file server (Freenas) does not work.


Services that are running in the system account without user name/password are not allowed to do this under Windows 10. You need to configure a user name/password for the service. Perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the DMS
  2. Launch services.msc
  3. Right-click the DVBViewer Media Server in the list of services and select "Properties" in the context menu.
  4. Go to the Log On tab, tick "This account" and enter the user name and password of an administrator account (usually the account where DVBViewer is running, except if it is a user account with restricted rights or if no password is configured for it. In this case you have to create a suitable account before configuring the service).
  5. Click OK, restart the DMS, try to record and send a letter of thanks to Microsoft that is protecting you so thoroughly.
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It did not work :(


I know that this will be tricky now. I have struggled with the Freenas server user rights earlier and it seems to be a nightmare.

Anyway, I gave full rights to the recordings directory to everybody, so Freenas server should not be the problem.

DMS is now running under my user name but it does not recognize the drive X:\Recordings or \\NETDRIVE\recordings, added manually to the service.xml. Adding recording directory in the DMS configuration only shows the local drives.


Any idea what to do?

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The recording directory needed to be in this form: \\server_name\share_name\directory

\\ip_address\share_name\directory did not work. Very strange.


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vor 2 Stunden schrieb mitsu:

\\ip_address\share_name\directory did not work. Very strange.


Windows Firewall treats \\ip_address\... targets always as located in the internet zone, even if you use a local ip address. So different and more restrictive firewall rules apply.

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  • 1 year later...

What I noticed in your support.zip: Both "Private Firewall Profile is active" and "Public Firewall Profile is active" appear.


What networking connections do you have with which IP settings? At least one of them is configured as a public network (windows firewall blocks much things on it).


What happens if you open on the pc where the Media Server is installed?

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Thank you HaraldL for your answer.
Now only "Private Firewall Profile" is active, but nothing change :(
Nothing also happens opening
Any other idea?


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The svcdebug.log indicates that the server stops immediately after it has been started. If the server is not running, the web interface can't work. However, the log does not  reveal why the server is stopped.


How does the Media Server tray icon look like? It should be blue when the server is running. Is it possible to start the server by right-clicking the icon -> Start Media Server?


Please also check if there is a .dvbkey file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DVBViewer Shared.


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12 hours ago, Griga said:

How does the Media Server tray icon look like?




12 hours ago, Griga said:


Is it possible to start the server by right-clicking the icon -> Start Media Server?




12 hours ago, Griga said:

Please also check if there is a .dvbkey file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DVBViewer Shared.


There is the .dvbkey file


What can I do?
Thanks in advance

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9 hours ago, msebast said:



means stopped.


9 hours ago, msebast said:

What can I do?


I wish I knew... this kind of issue was unknown up to now. In your support.zip I can see no reason for it. However, I managed to simulate it by artificially creating a critical error in an early stage of the starting sequence. It yields the same debug log output as in your case.


The next entry that is supposed to appear in your log after "0 plugins found" is "LoadChannelList", but it's missing. So I guess loading your channel list may fail badly. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the configuration folder (see Windows Start Menu -> DVBViewer, if you don't know where it is), zip the files channels.dat, ChannelsURL.ini (if present), favourites.xml (if present) and attach them here (or send me a PM if you don't want it to become public).
  2. Move all files mentioned above including backup files (.bak) with the same name to another location, so that the Media Server cannot find them anymore.
  3. Reboot your PC and see if the Media Server starts properly.


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P.S. I just managed to verify that empty category names in the channel list cause such an issue. They may come in as INI channel list import. DVBViewer doesn't care, but the DMS gets into difficulties.


It can be fixed in the DVBViewer Channel Editor. Please note that a changed channel list must be saved first (or DVBViewer closed) before it can be loaded by a DMS stop/re-start. In your case I would recommend a reboot.


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