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Error 404 when direct stream some file using upnp server


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Hi, I bought some days ago DVBViewer media server, but I'm encountring some problem when I try to stream some video file in DVBViewer pro using the upnp server.
I noticed that when I copy the url using dvbvierpro I get an url like this that, if I past on my browser i get  an  "404 - not found" error.
The file exsist on my pc , indeed if I presst the button "play in browser "using the web interface, the file works normally, but doens't work if I press the "http single stream" button.

Obviously for the files that are working, pasting the url on the browser for example, the browser begin to download the file.

This doesn't happen to all file present in my catalog, but on less or more 30 files on hundreds I have. 

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance



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Please check if the files in question are write-protected. I just saw in the code that the DMS opens the files for shared read/write access, which fails in case of write protection.


I guess the purpose of this  access mode is playback of ongoing recordings that must be opened consistently with the recorder access mode. However, I think it would be better if the DMS would additionally try a read only access mode if shared read/write fails. Or the other way round. ;)


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