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DMS API - Forgotten Recordings

sir drake

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Hello Griga,


concerning this topic i face a problem while handle the recorded files by API.

i fetch a list of recordings by using "http://localhost:8089/api/recordings.html?utf8=1&images=1".
The file-node contains the full path/file_name to be able to use them.
After looping through each of them  ( not all recordings are moved at once. I do that selectively )   ,
 fire a CleanupDB task-command to inform the DMS also about the foreign grabbing of those files.

In Result of this described process, DMS forgett finished Recordings.
actually recordings are out of this problem.
They will be shown as expected.


By fetching again a list of recordings through API, i miss to see the unmoved recordings.

DMS-Webpage ( recording page)  is also not showing the physically extings recordings.

as per default i create "only" a LOG-File.
No EPG-File

Should this cause the trouble ? 
anything changed to this behaviour of DMS ?


Also a Task command "RefreshDB" is not beeing able to ReImport those missing files again.


support.zip attached


thanks for help/clarification
sir drake 


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reproducible behavior:
( no interaction of my own programm ) 

1) start different recordings
2) Wait for finishing of some Recordings
3) Meanwhile other Recordings are in progress
    you can send a Task-Command "RefreshDB" ...api/tasks.html?action=RefreshDB
    This will "remove" finished recordings from the list of recorded-files.
4) In result of sending  "RefreshDB" the finished Files are not
    anymore visible in dms-web-page ( Recording ) either in ...api/recordings.html?utf8=1&images=1

sir drake

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"CleanupDB" seems not to have the impact i face.
only "RefreshDB"



sir drake

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8 hours ago, sir drake said:

No EPG-File

Should this cause the trouble ? 


Most likely yes. Maybe this case hasn't been considered sufficiently. I'll look after it tomorrow. Today there was an emergency situation in my family.


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I think I found the cause. A recording database update flags recordings wrongly as "removed" If no EPG information file and no NTFS file properties are present. However, they don't get deleted from the database, but still show up in the new "Removed" section of the Desktop Web Interface -> Recordings page.


Of course it is not intended in this way. It's just an ordinary bug. Nevertheless I would recommend to let the DMS at least create an EPG information file for recordings because it serves as external database backup, allowing to recreate the database entry if it gets lost somehow.


Please check your PMs...

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Hello Griga,

a short test shows the behaivior is now as expected.

previous/finished recordings are displayed still after a RefreshDB send by web-page.

previous/finished recordings are displayed still after a RefreshDB send by manyually command ( api/tasks.html?action=.... )

previous/finished recordings are displayed still after a CleanupDB send by manyually command ( api/tasks.html?action=.... )

<solved> for me
thanks for the fix !    :thumbsup:

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