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from time to time i receive a question if the DVBViewer does support IPTV. The short answer is yes and we also plan to integrate Mpeg Dash.

The request is often combined with a do you also have a database of IPTV streams like application xyz. Well this is a bit more complicated to answer.

By default the DVBViewer comes with 440! pre configured IPTV-stations and almost as much internet radio streams, which is in my humble opinion a lot. Even if we don't shout this out often enough. Keeping this database up to date requires a lot of time, at the moment griga does this each time we plan to publish a new build of the DVBViewer.

The amount of questions like this (compared to others i receive) let me come to the conclusion that many users don't even know this. It is quite simple to get them into the DVBViewer. All you need is to open the channel scan, select TS Stream and then your favorite list. For example HLS international. After importing you have all the stations in your channel list and they can be used like a regular dvb transmission.


I am honestly some sort of TV/Radio addicted and i'm also a huge fan of foreign regular public (mostly english spoken) stations. I also have a database for my personal use which won't be published - or at least not published unless one big problem is solved. Even if i try to keep the streams, i often watch or listen to, running, it is nearly impossible to keep them all working over the time. My focus are only those stations which provide their streams on their own websites free for all. Many of them are hard to fine, unless you know what you are searching for. I for example started with Australia and looked into wikipedia which stations are from there, then i went to their website and looked for the stream. 



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