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setup sat>ip in pro


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In the lite version I cab simply link the 4 sources of my tss400 ip converter to sources 1/2/3/4

I cannot find the same setup in Pro. How do I link sat positions to tuner 1/2/3/4 in Pro?


Thanks a lot!


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On 10/31/2018 at 4:05 PM, pastimer2 said:


"Optionen" -> "Hardware"  -> "Hinzufügen"  RTSP Network Device

Normal müsste der DVBViewer das Netzwerk scannen, und im unterem Teil des neuen Fensters den SAT IPServer finden, Den dann anklicken und IP wird dann oben automatisch gesetzt.




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Thanks for your answer.


But i still fail to understand how a specific RTSP device is linked to a specific RF connector on my device.

On my device RF1 is linked to astra 28.2 and RF2 is linked to astra 19.2. They have seperated channel groups.

They also have seperated RTSP devices, where I linked the first to 'slot=1' and the other to 'slot=2'.

Still it wants to play 'slot=2' channels, that have scanned perfectly on RF2 from  RF1....



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Please don't cross-post and don't start English topics in the German section of the forum!


3 hours ago, pastimer2 said:

But i still fail to understand how a specific RTSP device is linked to a specific RF connector on my device.


The channel group setup is a proprietary DVBViewer and DVBViewer Media Server thing for linking channels to devices. Servers/clients outside the DVBViewer family don't understand it. In your case the client needs to send the Sat>IP frontend (fe) parameter that selects a specific tuner. It can be added in the following way:

  1. Select Help -> Configuration Folder in DVBViewer (opens an Explorer window).
  2. Close DVBViewer.
  3. Open the file hardware.xml that is located in the configuration folder with a text editor (Notepad). The file contains a section for each RTSP network device.
  4. Add a line <entry name="Frontend">1</entry>  to the first RTSP Network Device section and <entry name="Frontend">2</entry> to the second section.
  5. Save, re-launch DVBViewer and try if it works.
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Thank you very much! It works and now have the best setup I have ever had! I had searched but not found any documentation on configuring the RTSP's for this device.

Super super THANK YOU!


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