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EPG Data being deleted on DVBViewer new start

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As the title says... I import complete EPG data with Xepg, which work fine and I get a full EPG.  Then, close and reopen DVBViewer and all of the EPG data (bar a few channels) is gone.  100% repeatable everytime.


DVBViewer has been reinstalled...no change.

EPG.dat, deleted - no change

EPG.dat is large, (36MB) therefore DATA is contained.


Latest DVBViewer V6.1.4.0 and Xepg


I am importing a mixed language EPG comprising of Astra 19.2E German and 28.2E English.

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Are you using DVBViewer Media Server?

If not, then make sure DVBViewer > Settings > Options > DVBViewer Media Server >

"Enable support for the DVBViewer Media Server" is unchecked.

If you are using it make sure that Xepg > Options > General > Import XMLTV EPG Into > "DVBViewer Media Server " is selected.

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Hi Delphi


correct, I'm not using the media server.  I`ve removed the tick, and.... it seems to be working!


Many thanks! ;)

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