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Polish diactric characters in epg


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Polish providers are famous for wrong or missing character set information in the EPG data.


We can't do anything about it without a sample that contains such EPG data, recorded with the TransEdit Analyzer after right-clicking the PID list -> Select Main SI PIDs.


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  1. Download TransEdit from the customer area and store TransEdit.exe in the DVBViewer installation folder (where DVBViewer.exe is).
  2. Launch TransEdit.
  3. On the left side of the TransEdit main window select the transponder list that you are using for a channel search in DVBViewer.
  4. On the right side of the main window select the frequency on which the channel in question (whose EPG contains wrong characters) is broadcasted.
  5. Click Analyze. It lets the Analyzer Window appear.
  6. Wait some seconds until all streams (PIDs) have appeared in the PID list on the right side of the Analyzer Window.
  7. Right-click the PID list and click "Select Main SI PIDs" in the context menu.
  8. Click "Start Recording". Wait  about 60 seconds, click "Stop Recording". Main Window -> Settings -> Analyzer -> Output Directory tells you where the recoding (a .ts file) gets stored.
  9. Upload the file to some web space. Even zipped it may be too large for appending it in the forum.
  10. Post a link here and tell me which channel / which programme I have to look for.

You may also want to examine the EPG details yourself by expanding the EIT (Event Information Table) nodes in the tree view on the left side of the Analyzer Window. More about it here.


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Zażółć gęślą jaźń :)


The result of the analysis: Your cable provider does it correctly, but DVBViewer suffers from the work-arounds that we had to implement some years ago for Polish characters.


Polish providers basically are using two character sets: Either the East-Eurpoean ISO-8859-2 or the general ISO 6937 for countries with many diacritical characters. According to the DVB specifications ISO-8859-2 must be indicated explicitely in the EPG data. ISO 6937 must not be indicated because it is the default character set.


However, some years ago there were Polish providers that used ISO-8859-2 without any indication, so it got misinterpreted as ISO 6937. Or even worse, they used ISO 6937, but declared it as Russian/Cyrillic or Turkish character set. We got many complaints about wrong characters from Polish users (I still have all these samples) and somehow tried to handle the chaos by implementing an ISO 6937 character set recognition. It first assumes ISO-8859-2 and then tries to find characteristics of ISO 6937. It's a kind of guessing that can't resolve all ambiguities, so there are always certain cases where it does the wrong thing. E.g in case of "ÂSwiat wedřug" DVBViewer assumed ISO-8859-2, though the UPC cable provider is correctly using ISO 6937 in your sample throughout.


Maybe in the meantime Polish providers have learned to better adhere to international standards. I've checked the situation on Hotbird (satellite) and found that nc+ and Cyfrowy Polsat are now indicating ISO-8859-2 for all EPG data. I don't know what other cable providers than UPC are doing or what is happening via DVB-T, but maybe it's time for a strategy change in DVBViewer: First assume ISO 6937 and then try to find a proof for ISO-8859-2 (the other way round). This will display true ISO 6937 always correctly, but may still fail in certain cases where ISO-8859-2 is used with missing indication.


The short result of a long story: I will provide a test version for you that contains the change. Please check your PMs...


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Thanks a lot! Unlike your DVB-C provider, DVB-T uses correctly indicated ISO-8859-2 (East European character set), which is no problem for DVBViewer. I'm glad that I don't have to look after it. :)





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I can't reproduce it, and I can see no reason for it. There has been no EPG related change between and except the character set adjustment. It's quite unlikely that it causes such an issue.


Please describe the problem in more detail. When does it occur? Right after DVBViewer start or later? Are all EPG tabs / all channels (including DVB-T) affected or not? Did you countercheck with if  the issue is really


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