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EPG search timer (Naming Scheme) & Recording Info File (improvement proposal)


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Hi there,


when crating some AutoTimers (Search EPG) I saw some inconsistencies ... might be fixed in the future...

File Naming Scheme

- There are different entries in the german and english Wiki Pages - is there anywhere an official statement?

- The genre - entry is not available in info file (text file with some EPG data that will be written when auto-recording has been finished --> see below)
==> would be nice to add it in the future into the info file

- The resulting entries of  %event, %title, %tshort, %name seems to be a bit puzzled when looking into the info.txt file.


%event --> Title
%title --> Info (subtitle/subtitle/episod)
%tshort --> Info (subtitle/episode)
%name --> (concatenated) Title+blank+dash+blank+Info
%g --> missing

==> would be nice to clean that up (with some new keynames) in the future



will result in

d:\VIDEO\TEST++year+2020--data+02-27--time+10-47-48--station+ZDF HD (deu)--g+Serie--m+02--d+27--h+10--M+47--D+Do\event+Notruf Hafenkante--title+Gefangen--name+Notruf Hafenkante - Gefangen--tshort+Gefangen--series+TestSerie\00001.ts

info file (00001.txt)


Created=27.02.2020 10:47:48
Channel=ZDF HD (deu)

Title=Notruf Hafenkante
Description=Krimiserie, Deutschland 2012|Franzi soll als Zeugin bei einem Jugendstrafverfahren aussagen. Der von ihr und Hans betreute 21-jährige Intensivtäter Zlatko Tesic ist wegen gefährlicher Körperverletzung angeklagt.||Er soll die 19-jährige Maria Büttner brutal geschlagen und beraubt haben. Maria ist die Freundin von Kevin Assmann, dem größten Feind und Hauptkonkurrenten der kriminellen Familie Tesic. Indizien und Zeugenaussagen belasten Zlatko schwer.|Darsteller:|Franzi Jung - Rhea Harder|Hans Moor - Bruno F. Apitz|Claudia Fischer - Janette Rauch|Tarik Coban - Serhat Cokgezen|Wolf Haller - Hannes Hellmann|Wolle - Harald Maack|Regie: Oren Schmuckler|Buch/Autor: Ulf Tschauder||HD-Produktion|Altersfreigabe: 12|[16:9] [H.264] [HD]|[stereo] [deu]|[stereo] [mul]|[stereo] [mis]|[Dolby Digital 2.0] [deu]|[DVB subtitles] [deu]|PDC: 27.02. 10:30 (889502)

Size=64,02 MB (67129536 bytes)
Avr. Datarate=1,846 MB/s
Device=Digital Devices DVB-S2 Tuner 1 (3)


Thanks in advance




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18 hours ago, chris_ac said:

File Naming Scheme

- There are different entries in the german and english Wiki Pages - is there anywhere an official statement?


AFAIK the most official statement that you can get is in your (or at least the English) language file. See DVBViewer program directory \ Language \English.lng -> search for edNameScheme.Hint. It is supposed to be displayed on the options page as hint for the scheme input line on mouse over. Is is available in the DVBViewer options, but for some unknown reason not in the DMS options, as I discovered lately.


Anyway, in the next release it will look like this:




18 hours ago, chris_ac said:

The genre - entry is not available in info file


It is available, but you didn't recognize it. :) There is a basic misunderstanding: The info file is not designed for being human readable. It is rather an external representation and backup of the internal recording database entry. That's what makes a recording a recording, from the DVBViewer/DMS point of view. By means of the info files the recording database can be reconstructed, if it gets corrupted. If you move a recording to another PC together with its associated info file, it can be included in the local recording database (by performing an update). Without the info file it's only a mere video/audio file.


The genre information is hidden in the numeric content entry (21 in the example above, which is 42 divided by two. That should tell you something, if you know Douglas Adams... :)). For more information please see ETSI EN 300 468 (PDF, easy to find in the web) -> Descriptors -> Descriptor Coding -> Content Descriptor ->  "Content nibble level 1 and 2 assignments" table. It reveals that 21 = 0x15 hex stands for Movie/Drama -> soap/melodrama/folkloric. Easy, isn't it? :)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Griga,


many thanks for the datailed answer!


Now its clear to me ... and yes - 42 is the answer to many (IT-) Questions 😉

I didn't realize that the content-entry is the the decimal representation of the content's nibble identifier ...



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