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Kodi tv recording

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On 6/8/2020 at 11:12 PM, satking said:

DVB in kodi when i select a channel there is no option to record that programme 

Hi, I have this very same problem and have asked in the Kodi forum, was advised that using guest privilages was the issue. I don't have guest access enabled nor is there any credentials added, so still confused as to what the issue is here but maybe worth checking if enabled in your own settings.

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Hi, thought I'd post in this thread as possibility may be related.  Was advised on the Kodi forum for DVBViewer addon that guest access is the issue, as I have made recordings directly from DVBViewer Pro they show up un Kodi, I tried deleteing one from Kodi and got the message "PVR is running with guest permissions", problem is I don't have guest access enabled.


Below is a link to screenshot of my settings, can anyone see anything obvious or I may be missing?



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Solved for me. I'm an idiot, I had the 'Basic' version of the dvb media server installed rather than the full version. I'd presumed that adding the licence key would simply unlock the full version.

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