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Created timer don't show in Timer window


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I have active search preset with the name "Kde domov můj". This search preset creates throught task "Create timers automatically" timers "Kde domov můj" in monday,  tuesday, wednesday, thursday timers "Kde domov můj". Then when I perform manual search text "Kde domov můj" in Search EPG then all 4 timers have yellow color: https://i.imgur.com/hgKICt0.png - this is ok. But in window Timer in monday (in "pondělí, 22.6.2020") timer "Kde domov můj" is missing as you can see here  https://i.imgur.com/FJoukms.png.


Support.zip have about 6 MB (with EPG), therefore it you can download from here https://www.uschovna.cz/zasilka/ZNFEE89FF9BTIE2U-L9T/


DMS is version with the fix from download area.

System: Windows 7 64bits SP1


SupportTool not working on my PC, therefore I simply compress all relevant from CMUV folder.


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The "Kde domov můj" timer on monday is missing in your svctimers.xml. It looks like it has been deleted in the time between the two screenshots opening the Search page and opening the Timers page.


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No, right now I perform the new search "Kde domov muj" in EPG window as you can see here https://i.imgur.com/ijdRVCu.jpg

On this screenshot you can see the actual date and time on my PC right now (with czech time zone).


And I didn't perform any deletion of any timer in the past.

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I could reproduce the issue with your configuration files.


The "Kde domov můj" timer for monday is definitely not present. The EPG entry is marked in the search results because the time is covered by another timer for CT 1. It's the third one from the top in your timers page screenshot ("Pod..." whatever). It's running from 4:20 on Monday until 2:15 on Tuesday. The timer is disabled, but that doesn't stop the EPG Search page from indicatiing that a timer already exists for "Kde domov můj" on Monday.


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vor 20 Stunden schrieb Griga:

The timer is disabled, but that doesn't stop the EPG Search page from indicatiing that a timer already exists


I will change that, because it doesn't make sense to me. All other EPG pages ignore disabled timers. I can't see why only the list of search results should mark EPG entries that are covered by a disabled timer.


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Gerade eben schrieb jirim100:

Maybe it is problem?


I don't know, because I didn't test it. However, the consideration of disabled timers is caused by the DMS code, not by the HTML page.

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Different view on this problem:

In this case on Monday auto timer "Kde domov můj" was not created because already exist timer "Pod pokličkou"  from 4:20 on Monday until 2:15 on Tuesday.

But is it possible to create autotimer in each case, even if exists different timer which overlapped many EPG entries?


Sometimes it would be this behavior useful for me. For example normally I have set "Lead time" and "Follow up time" 15 or 30 minutes. But sometimes exists short animated tv shows with length only 5 - 10 minutes and these shows are sometimes overlapped by neighboring tv show. But I need always create separate files for every tv show for better post processing recordings - from EPG I always construct filename.


Another problem i this case - timer "Pod pokličkou" was disabled and timer "Kde domov můj" was not created (because overlapped by timer "Pod pokličkou") -> the result:  "Kde domov můj" was not recorded even if I want.


Exist any settings to prevent this problem?

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