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EPG Individual Programme Information


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I'm new to DVBViewer, and would therefore like to enquire whether it is possible to save, along with a recorded programme video file, the EPG 'long form' data that directly relates to this particular programme, say an .xml file.


I'm currently, for the time being, using the DVBViewer v7 Demo version, if that makes a difference.


Many thanks

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In the recording option you can check "Create EPG Info file".

This will add a txt file to the video file.

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Many thanks for this information . . . but unfortunately I'm unable to locate the "Create EPG Info file" check box.



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"Create EPG information file" is already checked.

Then it should be txt file in the same folder as your video file

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It's already checked in your picture. Box "Settings", first entry on the right column "Create EPG information file". So there should be a txt file beside every recording with a content like:



Created=16.01.2021 20:10:01
Channel=TELE 5

Title=Fürst der Finsternis
Info=Fürst der Finsternis, RUS 2017
Description=xxxx THIS IS THE EPG info xxxx


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