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DISEqC switch does not switch?


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A friend got inspired by my setup for satellite reception,  so he bought DVBViewer Pro, TBS 6902 and a dish with two LNBs. Aligned the dish and connected LNB 1 (Astra 19E)  direct to the receiver. All channels V/H and high/low works with TransEdit. Same thing for LNB 2 (HB 13E). He then connected the DISeQc switch (Wentronic GmbH 6707). Port 1 (19E) works as expected. But he can't switch to LNB 2, no matter which setting is tested in TransEdit or in DVBViewer. I'm lost so now we need some expert advice. Thank you.

I compared the hardware.xml with my setup and the vendor is 31 in mine, his is 0. Also I have a line 'AutoLNBOff 1, which is not present in his. I'm not sure what that command does.
Support.zip enclosed.


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The TBS 6902 in question seems to be a new hardware revision without entry in the DVBViewer hardware database, so DVBViewer doesn't detect it as TBS, but as "unknown" DVB device, and the TBS specific DiSEqC method is not applied. The standard DiSEqC method defined by Microsoft in the BDA interface, which is used as fallback in this case, obviously doesn't work.


It can be fixed by setting the Vendor value in the file hardware.xml to 31 and adding the missing AutoLNBOff line, while DVBViewer is closed. If it still doesn't work, additionally set DiSEqCCount to 2 or 3. It lets DVBViewer send DiSEqC commands two or three times. This fixes a frequent DiSEqC timing issue with TBS devices.


The next DVBViewer release will detect the new TBS 6902 hardware revision correctly.


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Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions.
As suggested he changed vendor id and also the lines with AutoLNBOff. No, it did not switch to LNB 2. Then he changed DiSEqCCount to 2 and then 3. No, LNB 2. Not even '4' made any change, unfortunately.
Enclosed is the latest hardware.xml.

More ideas? ...


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The hardware.xml is ok now.


Has the outdoor equipment already been tested with some other hardware, e.g. a set-top box?


Strange: Google yields no results for Wentronic 6707. It doesn't seem to be a frequently used switch ;) Are you sure that it is suitable for what you want to achieve? Are technical specifications available for it?



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  • 3 weeks later...

A follow up. He installed and noticed that Vendor ID had changed to 1.
Still no switch to LNB 2. A change of DiSEqCCount to 2 or 3 did not help.
TBS 6902 ver.003 is his card. I'll guess I have to send him my switch that I know works OK to test.

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vor 8 Minuten schrieb Radioman:

He installed and noticed that Vendor ID had changed to 1.


That's impossible. It should (and I'm sure it did) change to 31. May be 3 got accidently deleted.


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Finally! There was a new release of the driver from TBS with this comment "Fixed some bugs on diseqc function support".

Sure, now it works OK with all three switches, that never worked previously. I.E he can switch from LNB1 to LNB2 and return.
This is what it looks like with AltDVB:

Is there a similar way to check the command with DVBViewer?


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14 hours ago, Radioman said:

Is there a similar way to check the command with DVBViewer?


You can send command sequences by using DiSEqC = Extended and the DiSEqC Editor (more about it here - most of it also applies to DVBViewer) and afterwards inspect the raw commands in the file DiSEqC.xml (see configuration folder), that contains something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <section name="Commands2">
    <entry name="0192">[E0 10 38 F0]</entry>

This is a Committed [Unchanged] raw command for Astra 19.2° East at position 1 (= A/A).


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