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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am trying to stream my DVB-C for personal use using DVBViewer Media Server with the best possible quality. So I do not want to transcode. For some reason, whenever I connect to the media server and try to stream original streams, the video is always buffering. I check the upload traffic on the server and I see it never gets more than 3 Mb/s. On the other hand, if I transcode good quality, the traffic get way above 15 Mb/s but the CPU gets overloaded on the server. My question is why the direct stream is limited to 3Mb/s? Because I have good bandwidth both on the server and on the client, I would like to use the original streams. Thank you for your help. My configuration is: Server side: Windows 10-v1803, i3 2Ghz, 4GB Ram - 1600 Mhz, DVBViewer Media Server, Astrometa tuner Upload link: 500 Mb/s Client side: Kodi with DVBViewer add-on, SIPTV on smart tv, VLC.... Download link: 50Mb/s
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