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i wrote this post today because i'm more than annoyed about this topic. It is not only the fact that i receive a couple of mails daily from people trying to ask me (somehow often in some sort of "i know it all" tone) about ProSieben HD and Sat1 HD, it is also the hype forced by hardware merchants.


To point a few things out:


1) The bottleneck in the hardware production is the tuner & demodulator which receives and decodes the multiplexes. Unluckily there are only homeopathic numbers of those tuning devices built till today, so I doubt that the mass market will be able to get DVB S2 cards till summer 06.

2) Even if i do not drop an announcement like "others", the DVBViewer definitively works with DVB S2 :rolleyes: as you can see:


3) Software Decoders for AVC or H264 are evil slow. I tested it with all available filters and the best result was shown by Cyberlink. Anyway no decoder was able to run fluently on my 3.5 HT (1.5GB RAM, Geforce 6600GT) developer system. I know it is not the fastest device, but even a much bigger system (with dual core) was not working fine. I bet the community will be flooded sooner or later with posts like: Stupid DVBViewer does not work with my HD transmissions.


But for all that the compression factor in comparison to the image quality is damn nice..




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