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New Beta Update


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Hi, we've uploaded a new binary.


The changelog:


Version BETA


[*]Fix: Signalinfo: Changed handling of signal info, should now work with Yakumo.

[*]Fix: TVWindow in HTPC: Fixed wrong 16:9 display.

[*]Fix: TVWindow in HTPC: changed the size handling, so the window doesn't get too big.

[*]Fix: OSD/VMR: The VMR-OSD wasn't disabled properly and could lead to ugly artefacts within the TVWindow in HTPC.

[*]Add: Options: Added MHW/SFI options to adjust the transponders.

[*]Change: H264: H264 detection from Griga integrated.

[*]Change: BDA: Changed the handling of the dumperfilter to avoid possible problems. Please test!

[*]Change: EPG-Parser: Optimized and improved the EPG parser really heavy. Removed a big performance bottleneck. Runs much smoother with less memory consumption and CPU usage now.

[*]Fix: OSD-Controls: fixed a problem with up/down keys and listbutton.

[*]Fix: OSD: Fixed an exception and wrong data calculation in the OSD-SysInfo window.

[*]Fix: OSD: Fixed wrong Section/PID description.

[*]Add: COM: Added Addrecfolder and listrecfolder.

[*]Fix: OSD: Fixed wrong positioning of TVWindow on first show.

[*]Add: EPG: Added MHW support for D+ channels.

[*]Change: Hardware: Changed the CI handling of TT hardware, hopefully works now (untested).

[*]Fix: Timer: Fixed rounding error on times.

[*]Add: Hardware: Open whole transponder for skystar.

[*]Add: Hardware-Options: Open whole transponder option, disabled for lowbandwidth devices, only makes sense for skystar device no effekt on other devices.

[*]Add: DirectX-Options: Added H264 Decoder selection (if present).

[*]Add: Actions: Lastfile added, somehow it was missing.

[*]Change: Recorderwindow: Change up/down handling of the time input fields.

[*]Fix: OSD-Transparency: Fixed transparency changes needed restart.

[*]Add: COM: Added debug method to send debugmessages to outputdebug string. ->  www.sysinternals.com DebugView.

[*]Change: Channellist and channeleditor: Changed minimal windowssize and some things for 120 dpi.

[*]Fix: OSD-Imagedialog: Fixed not showing of image if show background was deactivated and the image has the same size as a background image.

[*]Fix: Recordingengine: A unique filename is now generated, no more overwriting of files.

[*]Fix: OSD-Engine: Fixed a exception if the osd was deactivated.

[*]Add: Recordingservice: Added detection and controling of the recording service.

[*]Add: Options-Extended: Option for recording service support. Only available if installed and no taskmanager support is activated.

[*]Add: Options-Recording: Added support for more than one recording folder.

[*]Add: Hardware: Added support for DVB-S2 bda cards.

[*]Change: Scannerform: Added support for DVB-S2.


[*]Big change: Recordingengine: More than one Recordingfolder possible.

To save a timer to a another than the default recording folder first define the addinal folders in the options and add the "::[n]" Tag at the end of the timer description.

[n] equals the position in the folderlist (starting with n=1).

If a tag can not be found the default tag (No. 1) is used.


[*]Big change: Recordingengine: Record whole Transponder.

If you want to record the whole transponder you can use the "TSD" Tag in the beginning of the timer description (important capital letters!).

Can be combined with the "::[n]" Tag.

If you use a Sky/air/cablestar you have to activate "open whole transponder" in the hardware options. Doesn't work with USB1.1 and devices with limited hardware filters.



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*]Add: Actions: Lastfile added, somehow it was missing.


It's still missing, atleast in the actions.ini file.



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Guest Lars_MQ
It's still missing, atleast in the actions.ini file.



What is the effect of this option?
The DVBViewer tries to search for MediaHighway or SiehFern EPG on the selected frequencies.

MHW = Media High Way EPG.

SFI=Sieh Fern Info

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What is the effect of this option?
The DVBViewer tries to search for MediaHighway or SiehFern EPG on the selected frequencies.

MHW = Media High Way EPG.

SFI=Sieh Fern Info


Sure. But when does DVBViewer do that? Automatically? Whenever the user magically hits these frequencies?


Now, if it is the latter (i.e. whenever the user magically hits those configured frequencies), may I suggest that


* a UI feature be provided that allows the user to tune to those configured transponders for a pre-defined amount of time ("read SFI/MHW from satellites")


* DisqecC support for actively tuning to these transponders be provided


At my parent's home I ran into a Technisat receiver which can be configured to automatically download SFI at some time, whenever the receiver is not busy doing anything else. My suggestion above is designed to allow the user to manually do what Technisat can determine via policy ("tune and suck")


Right now, SFI looks + sounds nice, but the implementation into the DVBViewer feature base appears to be somewhat half-baked, I am afraid :-)

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Guest Lars_MQ
but the implementation into the DVBViewer feature base appears to be somewhat half-baked, I am afraid :-)

I don't think so. This is an option to be used active by the user. If you want it tune it. :bye: If you want it automagically write a script or program a tuning timer. Everything else would be overkill :bye:

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This is an option to be used active by the user.


Exactly my thinking! But how do I actively use it? ;-)


I really do not want to


"to tune to "Technisat Kanal 50" / "arglebargle gaga".


I want to configure the right transponder(s) once, for good, and then tell the software to


"refresh meta data for TV programs"


I'd expect a UI element (e.g. menu item) that is available whenever data is configured in the SFI/MHW section: A user will interact with the UI element and thereby cause DVBViewer to tune to the first of the configured SFI / MHW entries for a configurable amount of time. After time period has elapsed, continue with next configured entry. After all entries have completed, offer


From my point of view, SFI / MHW are quite similarly to recordings:


* users can manually select when to start / stop (press RED button)

* users can schedule recordings and choose an "after" activity (e.g. close DVBViewer, S3)


Find the equivalents for SFI / MHW and there's a really, really powerful feature :-)

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Guest Lars_MQ

Simply rename Technisat 50 channel to "refresh meta data for TV programs" (might be a bit too long) and put it into the favorites then you have you UI element. Select it and wait 15 minutes or more, the Viewer also tells you which day it's receiving.


Put a menuitem into the OSD calling a script tuning this transponder and wait for 15 minutes or more.


Or define it as usercommand with a script and put it on the remote control and wait 15 minutes or more.


Programm a daily tuning timer to this channel and wait 15 minutes.


You see there are endless possiblities to archive this.


But you seem to missunderstand this option.

It is to be used to tell the viewer, when he should try to receive the data. As stated on top of the options page.

The other option would be, we put the transponderdata hard into the code (bad idea cause recently the transponder for some MHW channels changed, the main reason to make these data configurable) or we try every channel and add the necessary PIDs even if there is nothing to receive (and put a not necessary load to the system we're talking six(!) different PIDs here).


I'm starting to think we should have done it my way and make it a setup.xml option only.

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isnt the technisat channel only useful for german-tv-viewers?


so why should there be an "In-App-Implementation" for this stuff, if only a part of the users can use it?


in my case, there is a recording scheduled every 2 days at 2AM for 30minutes (EnableAV). All i have to do is deleting the recordings after a while :bye:

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All i have to do is deleting the recordings after a while


from the DVBViewer Pro Manual.


If you just want to be reminded of a broadcast select only tune channel in the drop-down box in the lower right corner. Then the DVBViewer will just tune the channel at the programmed time

should are enough to receive the data,

then you do not have to delete files.



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Hi, what do this Change means ?

Change: Hardware: Changed the CI handling of TT hardware, hopefully works now (untested).


Is it CI handling for Terratec Cards. If yes, it do not work with my card (cinergy 1200-C + cine view CI-Module). May be that i use wrong BDA driver. Is there any driver recommended ?


Regards !

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[*]Change: Hardware: Changed the CI handling of TT hardware, hopefully works now (untested).


Still not working here. DVBViewer crashes immediatley after starting when set to a scrambled channel and closes itself.




When set to a FTA channel it displays the channel (audio also) but crashes though.

Anyhow, it does not close itself. The typical Windows error box is displayed. Audio and video is still running.


This is a change to the previous beta version. There was no video/audio on FTA channels at all.




If you still need testers for TT CI (BDA) just ask me :bye:




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Guest Lars_MQ

Well we have an even better tester now. Christian has to use it himself and it seems slowly he finds every problem. :bye:


It's astonishing, such problems get solved much faster if the programmer has such a device/problem himself :bye:

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Small problem here with this beta:


I´ve set the PowerOff button on the MCE remote to send my PC to hibernate with a custom command. Since the update to the actual beta, the DVBV doesn´t close as it was before. It goes black and the PC stays on. Pressing a button on the remote brings back TV immediately.


I already deleted the command in the settings and set it new, but no change.

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Guest Lars_MQ

I don't think a log would give any information about, except of course you can pinpoint a error messages which is directly connected to this action.


If it only happens sometimes, it could get quite difficult to get to the bottom of it. there can be extern influences or interactions with plugins and a lot more reasoins. one thing you can do, see if you can make it reproduceable. "if this is runnung and that happens, it doesn't work..."


I know it's timeconsuming and hard work, i do it all of the time :)

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No problem with the time or work. I take attention every time I press this button what I did before to find any hint. Unfortunately there is no message at all. DVBV is going black and it seems that it is in any Sx state, but it´s not hibernation. If I then start it with the remote, white letters on the left top appear showing "Sat Pro7" for example, then the normal TV comes.


Well, I´ll make some more tests then. :)

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Perhaps it would be a good idea to post in the beta forum section. And, of course, follow the instructions for the need files...


Perhaps you could delete your hardware.xml, especially if you did something with the drivers for the ss2...

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