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Beta Update


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i published a new beta update:


Version BETA


[*]Change: ATSC Closed Captions: fixed compatibility issues.

[*]Change: DVD-handling: completely reworked dvd handling and playback controls.

[*]Change: DVD-Subtitles: DVD-Subtitles now can selected in the settingmenu.

[*]Change: Zoom: Changed the zoom handling and settings to allow more subtile changes.

[*]Change: EPG-Window: Introduced color codes for time spans.

[*]Change: Options: Reworked options window a little bit.

[*]Change: Audio-Options: The audio options are now found on the directX page.

[*]Change: collision detection on timers: The collision dectection for timers now works correctly. ATTENTION only one timer will be shown in red if a collision is detected.

[*]Add: channel/hardware administration: Added channelgroups (A,B,C) which can be used to assign a channel to a specific hardware.

[*]Change: Channeleditor: completly reworked the channel edit mask.

[*]Add: Hardware: added a retune timer for each device, which can force a retune if there where no datapakets over a defined timespan. 0 means deactivated. 10 retune try are made before giving up.

[*]Add: Hardwareoptions: added a retune timer and channelgroup selection.

[*]Add: Recordingwindow: Pressing the remove button while the SHIFT key is pressed will remove the timer AND the files without further confirmation.

[*]Change: Subtitle handling: Completely reworked subtitle handling (teletext, DVBSubs and Closed Captions).

        They work now with timeshift and can be selected in the settings menu.

[*]Change: RDS: Reworked RDS handling now working in timeshift/LiveTV and Playback.

[*]Change: Network streaming: completly rewritten unicast and multicast devices.

[*]Change: Network streaming: Removed internal streaming.

[*]Change: DVBServer: completly rewritten DVBServer.

[*]Change: Shutdown: If DVBViewer is minimized a messagebox instead a OSD message is shown.

[*]Fix: OSD: Fixed selecting wrong channel on programming a timer via OSD.

[*]Add: OSD/EPG-Detail: Added OSD-Red for record current shown entry, OSD-Yellow and OSD-Green for Next/Previous EPG entry.

[*]Add: COM: Added ACTION_RESTORE = $0000400D to reverse minimized.

[*]Fix: COM: fixed wrong calculation in timeroverlap.

[*]Fix: Languagefile/Deutsch: fixed missleading message on shutdown via timer.

[*]Fix: Recorder window: tried to fix positioining problem of buttons, still not perfect, but better than before.

[*]Update: Action.ini: Updated Action.ini.

[*]Fix: Actioneditor/Inputoptions: fixed mixing up of entries on moving up/down.

[*]Fix: Instancing: fixed and tested instance handling, working again.

[*]Fix: DVD: Fixed small memoryleak on dvd playback (bookmark reading).

[*]Fix: DVD: Fixed aspectratio problems in VMR.

[*]Update: Language: Updated ger/eng language files.

[*]Change: MusicTags: Completely rewritten the WMA-Tag Reader. The old one didn't work with VBR coded files.

[*]Add: Subtitles: Added Subtitles to the OSD-context menu.



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Guest Lars_MQ

Just some more informations:


The networkstreaming part is completly reworked, runs much smoother now and also works with vlc and mpc.


There are hundrets of fixes little changes and optimizations, too much to list them all. If you had a problem with the previous beta, please check if it is gone.


For all reports use the beta forum

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Impressive update I would say :bye:

You managed to rework the whole subtitle implementation.

Thank you guys.

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Guest Oliver

Sorry, no way. You can test the compatibility of your tv-card/box with the free TransEdit MMC demo from the free download area, though.

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If it will work with a DVB-T Hauppauge nova-t pci to view HDTV H.264 stream no problem i will buy.

It works with TransEdit MMC for mpeg2 but what about mpeg4?


Sorry normally i speak French.Not sure that my english is correct.

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it should also work with h264 transmissions, if you have an h264 software decoder. And keep in mind they all produce jerky images from time to time and this is not a bug of the DVBViewer or the transedit tool :blush:



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