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DVB-S2 Updates


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The following DVB-S2 updates are currently available in the Members Area.


TransEdit 3.0


The new release switches between DVB-S and DVB-S2 according to the modulation system setting (DVB-S / DVB-S2). In contrast to the previous version the modulation setting (QPSK / 8PSK) is no longer used for this purpose.


In case of DVB-S2 transponders the modulation setting is meaningless now, since DVB-S2 devices detect it automatically, except if transponder lists / exported files / scan results are used in DVBViewer Pro Beta (see below). In this case the modulation must be set to 8PSK, even if it is QPSK.


The TransEdit additionally provides new transponder lists for Astra 19.2°, Astra 28.2° East and Hotbird, that contain DVB-S2 transponders (the ones that could be detected with a NIT search).


Read more about TransEdit 3.0 here.


DVBViewer GE 2.0.2


The above also applies to to DVBViewer GE 2.0.2. It exposes the modulation system setting in the channellist window, edit tab, and allows to adjust it there. The packet contains the new transponder lists and DVBViewer Filter version 2.8.1 (see below).


DVBViewer Pro Beta, available members area, beta section. Requires an existing DVBViewer Pro 3.5 installation.


This version switches to DVB-S2 if the modulation is set to 8PSK. There is no possibility to adjust it in the channellist window, so you have to take care that is set in TransEdit accordingly, if you want to use transponder lists / exported files / scan results originating from TransEdit. The modulation system setting (DVB-S / DVB-S2) is ignored. The 0190.ini transponderlist for Astra 19° East that is included in the DVBViewer Pro Beta package contains the modulation values that are required for this version.


Replace DVBViewer.exe, the language files and the new Astra transponderlist in a DVBViewer Pro 3.5 installation. Read more about it here.


DVBViewer Filter 2.8.1, available members area, plugins section.


This version contains a work-around for issues caused by the CoreAVC H.264 Decoder (DVBViewer completely freezes on H.264 -> H.264 channel changes or when playing a H.264 file and using the control bar slider). Replace the file PushSource.ax in the DVBViewer\Filters folder. To make sure that it is really used, register it by executing the included Register_DVBSource.bat.

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The DVBViewer Filter has been updated to version 2.8.2 in the members area. There is only one change: Continuous H.264 video format detection has been replaced by "only once" format detection (per stop/play cycle), in order to save CPU power. Thus "on the fly" H.264 format changes will not be detected anymore. However, I've never heard of them...


Probably it will not save very much - depends on the stream. In contrast to MPEG2, H.264 format detection requires a deeper search and tricky bit stream handling, thus requiring some more CPU power. It shouldn't keep up-to-date CPUs really busy, though.


Nevertheless, in case of H.264 each percent of CPU usage may count, so give it a try.

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