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One-click MPEG4 compression from explorer

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I designed a small tool to compress DVB-T recordings to MPEG4 from the Windows Explorer with only one click. There is no configuration etc. required. I wanted to keep it VERY simple.


The purpose was to simply and quickly make files smaller where the quality is not of principal interest, so that they could easily be transported etc. (although the quality is usually quite good I think!)


I don't know if it will be useful to anyone besides me, but maybe it will: http://shellcompress.zwobot.com/


Of course I am interested in feedback etc.




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It make unplayable videos in in all players (thru FFDShow codec) - black screen appears (no audio no video), only VLC can play it, but it have about 1 frame per second. Virtual Dub (i have all versions - official, MOD and MPEG2) cant open it too. How can i configure the encoding?

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