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Beta Update


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Version BETA


[*]Add: DiSEqC 1.1 and 1.2 for FireDTV, Technotrend, NovaSPlus, Twinhan, Conexant & new Skystar2 devices


[*]Fix: ModulationSystem problem for DVB-S


[*]Add: integrated wizard, startable with the -wizard parameter


[*]Add: EPG-Window Internet scan option


[*]Change: EPG Window: Search can now be used on filters (all, video, radio favourites).


[*]Change: Teletext search window integrated in teletext window.


[*]Change: EPG Window: EPG now sorted in Favourites order if filter is set.


[*]Start of Changes: Better support for visual impaired solutions


[*]Fix: Language: Several Fixes and cleanups in the language files.


[*]Fix: problem while playing WMA files back.


[*]Add: Aboutwindow: Added versioninformation about plugins, programs and a link to the current config folder.


[*]Fix: DVBServer: fixed tuning of encrypted channels on same transponder. To get it to work you have to enable HasCI for the network device on the client DVBViewer (the client needs also the update!).




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Hi Christian!


Thanks for the new version! Unfortunately, this version does not show all channel logos anymore. The old version displayed a logo, if the beginning of the file name matches the channel name. Now it displays the logo if the file name starts with the channel name and ends with a blank (the channel name should have a blank at the same place). Strange that it displayed a Pro 7 logo for Kabel 1 Austria. And if the channel is named "ZIK/XXL" i can not rename the logo file properly so that it gets displayed again.

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Guest Lars_MQ

Hmm I changed the best match algo to a way faster one. May need a little tweaking ;)

But normally a 1:1 match should always be found and displayed.



It's the same algo used in the webserver plugin.

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I have the problem that in VMR7 I can't see any OSD if changing the channel.

In the 3.5 final I think it worked for me.

Is this a special Nvidia problem or can this fixed in DVBViewer?

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