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Guest Lars_MQ

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Guest Lars_MQ

I made a update for the language Editor.


What is it:

The language Editor helps you translating the DVBViewer language files. It loads on the left side a source languagefile (should be the english.lng) used as reference and on the right side the to be translated lng file.

Then you can go through the sections and search for "tagged" entries (marked with a !!) which are missing in you file.



- Important change: You have to press F2 or double click the to be changed entry, no more inline editing. Sorry for this, but it was necessary due to other changes.

- Now orphan entries in the target language file are marked by "##". These are entries which are not used anymore. You can delete them by rightclicking them and select delete in the popup menu. You can search for them with F4 and you can delete all orphans at once by selecting edit-menu -> Delete Orphans.

- orphan sections are deleted automatically on loading.


We will update the download in www.DVBViewer.com later, for now please use the attached file.




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Would be nice if the F3 and F4 functions could search through all sections at once. Would save alot of time. An updated wersion soon perhaps?

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Hi !!!


I have a problem. I cant find a way of translating a language file with the attached language editor of Lars. Can you help me?





edit: I found it ;)

Edited by Giorgos
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Be careful if you use the Language Editor for Recording Service/ DMS language files.


The Recording Service/DMS language files are UTF-8 but the Language Editor dos not support UTF-8.


So you have to fix the encoding of the files.

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