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New DVBViewer Update


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We released a new DVBViewer version. The following things are new:



Version 3.6.1


  • Fix: ATSC EPG works again
  • Fix: Shoutcast Filter is now part of the installer again
  • Fix: game gravitron works now
  • Change: Channellist is saved automatically after channelscan.
  • Change: Timers.xml is saved after most changes.
  • Change: Favorites are written now when pressing the save button.
  • Fix: knc detection
  • Fix: MultiCore CPU settings did not worked properly.
  • Fix: DVD-Prev Chapter was not working.
  • Change: Forms outside the monitor are now repositioned
  • Add: Popup menu in Mainwindow now shows the filterlist.
  • Change: All filters are listed in Filterlist.
  • Fix: COM: ChannelID was still calculated the old way.
  • Change: On saving a backup of Timers.xml is created.
  • Change: 10x tuning limit removed
  • Change: USALS (E/W, N/S now possible).
  • Change: <Auto> now replaced with <System Default>.
  • Change: Subtitles: Now there is always a entry Subtitles -> None, in case a channel transmits only "No subtitles available" (ttx ZDF). Before you couldn't disable this, case it was not marked as subtitle page...
  • Change: TTx Subtitles: On switching channel now subtitles are cleared.
  • Fix: Wrong AC3 decoder detection.
  • Fix: Instancehandling in Vista.
  • Fix: Mp3 Decoder handling.
  • Fix: Skystar 2 <-> Server4PC conflict.
  • Fix: Filedevice: Didn't work.
  • Change: Plugins can now retrieve the whole multiplex
  • Change: More Vista compliant Icons

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Guest Lars_MQ

This is for KNC One card users only:


Unfortunatly there was left some testcode in the KNC One detection which causes a crash on tuning. Christian does have some problems with his computer, so I uploaded a hotfix version ( into the membersarea/beta section.


Simply unzip the two files into your DVBViewer folder.


This version only contains a fix for KNC One device Users, if you don't use such device, you don't need to download this hotfix!

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Yes my motherboard smoked up, so i'm in need to assemble a new pc - which takes some time. I plan to release a new setup.exe which contains the bugfix for knc1 devices later this day.



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