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Beta Recordingservice


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A new Beta of the DVBViewer Pro recordingservice is in the membersarea.



If installed, please first stop the service with the system tray control program and then shutdown the tray control program also, otherwise the update will fail.





Extract the contence of the zip file into the DVBViewer Pro folder. On first installation start installsvc.bat to register the service with windows. If you want to delete the service please run first uninstallsvc.bat. You need for both Administrator rights.


The DVBViewer Recordingservice is a native windows service. It enables you to record programmed timers by the DVBViewer Pro without DVBViewer Pro.



The Files:


- DVBVservice.exe

The service.


- DVBVCtrl.exe

A Systemtray control program, which shows the status of the service, allows to start and stop the service and displays a 30 seconds warning before a timer controlled shutdown of the computer. Should be set to autostart.


- svccontrol.dll

A small program to monitor and change within limits the service timer. Can be activate via the DVBVCtrl popup menu.


- Plugins\svcctrl.dll

A plugin for DVBViewer Pro and GE. It takes care of shutting down the service when DVBViewer starts, warns the user on running recordings in the service. It also reactivates the service on exiting DVBViewer (if enabled in the DVBViewer plugins menu).

If you start the DVBViewer while a recording is running in the service you can cancel the recording or you let the recording finish. In this case the service will only finish the current recording and does not start any new recording. The after recording action will be ignored and the timer in question will be deactivated in the DVBViewer. If you have more than one device, the DVBViewer will use a free device and you can work with it normally. *This does not work for multiple Technisat devices due to driver limitations.*



The service is able to start the computer from Standby or Hibernate without taskscheduler, in fact you MUST disable the Taskscheduler in the DVBViewer. The computer will be started 3 minutes before the time to let the devices initialize properly.


Recording works also with no user logged in. You have to use Usermode 0 or 2, if you want to use the Service.


All important settings and programming of the DVBViewer Pro will be used also by the service. All settings and programming have to be done by the DVBViewer Pro.


DVBViewer Plugins are NOT supported.


Use it at your own risk!





3 Plugins are in the package. These plugins are special plugins and are NOT for use with DVBViewer. DON'T PUT THEM INTO THE DVBViewer PLUGIN FOLDER! Keep the folder structure used in the zip.


To install the plugins run regplugs.bat. To uninstall them run unregplugs.bat.


The Plugins in detail:

- epgparser.dll

This Plugin does the epg-data parsing of the data stream from your devices. With each recording this plugin is notified and it gets all needed data, parses the EIT and transmits the parsed data to all interested parties (plugins).


- epgstore.dll

Is equivalent to the DVBViewer EPG datastore. It's able to read and write the EPG.dat and it takes the EPG data from the EPG-Parser Plugin and stores it. Other plugins can query this Plugin for EPG data.



This is a cut down version of the webserver for DVBViewer. It shows EPG data and helps to create/change/delete timers. You need the epg-store plugin for epg-data.

It is enabled automatically and uses as default Port 80/local host ( You can use the web configuration to change this.


Password and user default to "admin" and "admin" (without the "). All settings are saved in the setup.xml of the DVBViewers (sections "WebUser" and "WebGeneral"). The language files are identical with the ones of the Webserver for DVBViewer and have to be placed into the "Language" folder of the DVBViewer.

The html-templates are NOT identical and should be left in the default folder ("svcweb").




- Devicemanagement now uptodate with Pro Beta

- Small enhancement of the Webserver Plugin -> Status page.


Changes in


- Improved compatibility of the controlplugin with the GE.

- Added svccontrol to manipulate/control Times in the service.

- Fixes for FireDTV in hardware PID filter mode

Please post in the Betaforums english or deutsch

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