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DVBViewer Pro 3.6.3.xx Beta


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In the Betasection of the Membersarea is a new beta of the DVBViewer Pro.


This version has some major changes in the CI area, so don't use it as a produktion system. This is definetly a beta!


For Installation and previous updates please read the Beta 3.6.2.xx announcements


Please post all reports to the english or deutsch beta forum.





Version BETA



[*]Change: EPG Window/OSD-Timeline: optimized detection of EPG-Timer relation.


[*]Fix: MMI: Fixed problem with TT CAM and MMI enquiries.


[*]Fix: MMI: Fixed problem with FireDTV CAM and MMI enquiries.


[*]Fix: MMI: Twinhan CAM fixed not all messages were shown (no permission for this channel etc).


[*]Fix: MMI: fixed incorrect handling of childprotection PIN.


[*]Fix: OSD-CAM window: fixed incorrect handling of menu button.


[*]Fix: OSD-CAM window: fixed several inconsistencies in handling.


[*]Fix: CAM window: fixed PIN could not be send.


[*]Fix: Channeleditor: sometimes wrong symbols were shown for audio and video nodes.


[*]Fix: Colorhandling: fixed overwriting of sharpness and gamma values.


[*]Fix: Inputhandling: fixed fav+ and fav- were switched.


[*]Fix: Zoom: fixed zoom did not work correctly.


[*]Fix: Windowskins: fixed osddialogs were shown as windows messageboxes if skins were active.


[*]Fix: OSD-Inputhandling: fixed sometimes focus got lost and the direction keys triggered unwanted channelchanging.


[*]Change: OSD-Inputhandling: deactivated the ch+/ch- and vol+/vol- action of the direction keys if OSD is visible.


[*]Add: Devices: added support for qbox DVB-S device.


[*]Add: Devices: added support for Terratec XE usb DVB-T stick (untested).


[*]Update: Languages: updated italiano.lng thanks @gioxy.


[*]Update: Languages: updated english.lng with several weather conditions thanks @gioxy and @ira.



[*]Big Change: CI support

Added support for MultiChannel decryption.


*** This is still a early stage, so handle with care! ***


It works for Twinhan, FireDTV, Technostrend tested with a alphacrypt classic. KNC may work too, untested.

To activate it, select MultiPID for the device in the Hardware options. Read the

displayed message carefully!

It works currently with the Mainwindow liveTV and with recordings.



Big thanks @moses for testing the MMI fixes.


For Installation and previous updates please read the Beta 3.6.2.xx announcements

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I'm sorry to write this, but the open beta test is cancelled for a unknown time.


Some people could not follow some really simple rules and we have to draw our conclusions.


For the near future we will conduct a closed Beta test with invited users only. Who is invited is purely our decision.


Be warned: unwanted PMs, emails or other kinds of contacts will lead to immediate bannishment from the forum for 7 days (minimum). Sending old betas to other members or posting links to it will lead to immediate cancellation of the membersarea account.


I'm personally very sad, we are forced to take such drastic measures, but we have no other choice.

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