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Well we are really proud that it is done :) The following things are new:




  • Reworked: CI/MMI support.
  • Reworked: Channelhandling. Now Audiostreams are not shown as separate channels but as subchannels. See further down for details.
  • Reworked: DVBServer. Now supports multiple devices. See further down for details.
  • Add: Added DVB-S2 support.
  • Fix: DiseqC 1.1: Some tweaking.
  • Change: EPG: Changed the channel->epg relation to avoid problems with channels with same SID and TID. This resulted in a changed of the epg.dat format.
  • Change: Autochannel update: completly reworked. Should be activated in the Channels menu. Does add new Audiochannels automatically.
  • Add: Added IAccessible Interface to all Treeviews. Might be helpful for screenreaders.
  • Add: BDADevices: Added DVB-S2 detection for 64 bit TT-3200 driver.
  • Add: BDADevices: Added DVB-S2 detection for TT-3600.
  • Add: Both above editors: Added "Copy ID to clipboard" command. This copies the ChannelID to the clipboard. helpful for applications like tvgenial and other, where you need to map the channels.
  • Add: Cable devices/Channel Scanner: Added some additional default frequencies für german cable users (for blindscan).
  • Add: Channeleditor-favorites: You can now display the favorite number in the favorite editor activate it via popup menu.
  • Add: Channellist: Added "Last channel" to the channellist popup menu.
  • Add: Channelscan window: Added a signal indicator.
  • Add: Channelscan: Added support for Hauppauge dvb-s2 device parameters.
  • Add: Commandline: If a folder or drive is a commandline parameter, the autoplay manager tries to determinate what format it is and plays it.
  • Add: Devices: Added Grigas workaround for two Terratec 1400 cards -> SkipComponents entry must be added manually to both device entries in the hardware.xml.
  • Add: Devices: Added support for Hauppauge DVB-S2 device. You need to rescan the dvb-s2 transponders with the provided new transponderslists.
  • Add: Devices: added support for qbox DVB-S device.
  • Add: Devices: added support for Terratec XE usb DVB-T stick.
  • Add: Drag'n'Drop: Folders (and drives) can now be dropped onto the DVBViewer window for playback.
  • Add: DVD Playback: Added action to start DVD Playback (see input options or actions.ini).
  • Add: EPG Window: added a new EPG view.
  • Add: Favourites: Now EPG preview on zapping works also for Fav+/Fav-. The same settings as for the channels apply (timeout etc).
  • Add: Hardware Options: Added DVB-S2 checkbox. This will normally set by the application and avoid problems with dvb-s card trying to tune dvb-s2 channels. Please rescan your Hardware or check this manually for existing configurations.
  • Add: Inputcommands: Added keep Timeshift file as input command.
  • Add: Inputoptions: Added more commands to the input options.
  • Add: Main window: Added Channel auto update into the main menu / channels.
  • Add: Mainwindow: Added "Audio/Video disabled" menu item.
  • Add: Mainwindow: Added "Configfolder" Menu item.
  • Add: Mediacontrol window: Can now be pinned, so it doesn't disappear if you leave it.
  • Add: Mediacontrol window: Moving the slider now updates the time display. It's not 100% accurate but a good indicator...
  • Add: MMI support for FireDTV. Thanks @ www.digital-everywhere.com. If you encounter problems please copy the "FiresatApi.dll" file from the firedtv folder into the DVBViewer folder.
  • Add: Option TV&Radio: Added tune last channel on start option. Default is enabled.
  • Add: Options: Added and/or reworked the autoplay options for DVD, AudioCD and Images.
  • Add: OSD/Data Manager: added a new image to the #TV.audio.pic Tag: audio_dolby51.png for 5.1 AC3.
  • Add: Teletext window: Now closes on ESC key.
  • Add: Timeshift: You can now define the minimum free disk space in the timeshift options. Notice: on reaching this value timeshift recording will be stopped but timeshift is still active, so you can view the timeshifted stuff.
  • Add: VCR: The vcr now writes a summary (Size, discontinuities) of a recording into the file "svcrec.log".
  • Add: Zoom Presets: Added three predefined presets for 16:10 monitors. You have to reset all zoom presets in the zoomwindow to activate them.
  • Change: Channel editor: Drag'n'drop now only works "on node". No insertionsmarks are shown anymore.
  • Change: Channellist: DVB-S2 channels are coloured blue.
  • Change: Channelscan: Changed the naming scheme a little bit. H.264 is not added to the channelname anymore.
  • Change: Channelscan: Updated or new Channels are marked bold in the channeleditor. This lasts till the next scan or program restart.
  • Change: COM: The Hardware interface now works as expected. You can get the device names and if active the signal data.
  • Change: DisableAV: Removed most functionality of the DisableAV setting of the timers. If enabled it does only suppress tuning the recorded channel.
  • Change: EPG window: Changed the presentation of the detail data.
  • Change: EPG window: EPG entries for timers are marked red.
  • Change: Favorites editor: Drag'n'drop now only works "on node". No insertionsmarks are shown anymore.
  • Change: Inputoptions: Reworked the appearance of the input options a little bit.
  • Change: MiniEPG: MiniEPG is not shown anymore on audiochannel changes.
  • Change: Options: Moved recordDB options to the recording options window.
  • Change: Options: Moved timezone settings to EPG/Teletext settings window.
  • Change: OSD-Inputhandling: deactivated the ch+/ch- and vol+/vol- action of the direction keys if OSD is visible.
  • Change: OSD-Timeline: If favourites in contextmenu (F8) are selected, the channels have now the ordering of the favorites.
  • Change: Recorder window: On closing the window a changed timer is NOT saved anymore, please press apply to apply the changes.
  • Change: Recording Control window: Completely reworked, now the recording and device statistics window.
  • Change: Scanwindow: DiseqC for each SAT is remembered. If you don't need DiseqC set it to none!
  • Change: Scanwindow: Several enhancements in the scan window.
  • Change: Technotrend CI support: Switched to the latest API of technotrend and changed the CI handling for future enhancements.
  • Change: Timeshift: the durationwindow is closed on stopping timeshift (if not disabled via hidden settings).
  • Change: Timezone: Now Timezones with half hour offsets are possible.
  • Change: Toolbar buttons: Reworked icon sets, big thanks to rago!.
  • Changed: Fav+/Fav-: Now works the same as Ch+/ch- you can only go to favorites if a device is available and not blocked by recordings.
  • Fix: Actions: EjectCD didn't work.
  • Fix: Channel editor: Fixed display problems of channel detail view with big fonts setting of windows.
  • Fix: Channelscan window: Fixed several visual problems.
  • Fix: Channelscan: Fixed blindscan didn't check other polarities.
  • Fix: Colorhandling: fixed overwriting of sharpness and gamma values.
  • Fix: DirectX: Fixed problems with cyberlink audiorenderer causing a crash.
  • Fix: Disable Audio: Disable audio is not allowed anymore on fileplayback.
  • Fix: DVB-Source: Fix possible crash with activated format detection and shutdown of the viewer.
  • Fix: EPGwindow: after resizing the details to zero and restarting the DVBViewer the details could not be resized.
  • Fix: FireDTV: Channelscan with Open whole transponder disabled didn't work.
  • Fix: Hardware/CI: Twinhan: Added support for twinhans new CI handling (mantis driver >=
  • Fix: Mainwindow: fixed display problems with statusbar.
  • Fix: MMI: fixed incorrect handling of childprotection PIN.
  • Fix: MMI: Fixed problem with FireDTV CAM and MMI enquiries.
  • Fix: MMI: Fixed problem with TT CAM and MMI enquiries.
  • Fix: MMI: Twinhan CAM fixed not all messages were shown (no permission for this channel etc).
  • Fix: MosaicOptions: Fixed problem with remembering the colours and alphavalue for the selection.
  • Fix: Multimonitor: If Lastposition of DVBViewer window was on a monitor non existent on next start the window is now moved to the primary monitor.
  • Fix: Musicfiles: m3u Extention was not in the extentions list in a default setup.
  • Fix: News window: Fixed umlauts problem with heise and other sites.
  • Fix: Options channels: starting playback while tuned to a options or portal channel didn't reset the subchannel list...
  • Fix: OSD-CAM window: fixed incorrect handling of menu button.
  • Fix: OSD-CAM window: fixed several inconsistencies in handling.
  • Fix: OSD-Timeline: fixed a problem detecting the relation timer/epg entry.
  • Fix: Portalchannels: fixed a problem with arena portal showing the wrong events.
  • Fix: Radiomode: In radiomode the statusbar disappeared after stopping the graph.
  • Fix: Recording: Encrypted Audio/Video data is not written anymore to the recording, only pat/pmt.
  • Fix: Saving of config files: Configfiles are now saved only if they are changed.
  • Fix: Skinmode: Sometimes the video window was not restored properly after another window was on top of the viewer.
  • Fix: Timeshift: If the timeshift folder didn't exist, timeshift did not work. Now the default recording folder is taken if the timeshift folder does not exists.
  • Fix: TS/MPEG2 Fileplayback: Fixed a endless loop on opening a non existing file.
  • Fix: Twinhan CI support: caPMT generation completely rewritten.
  • Fix: VIA CPU: Fixed problems with VIA CPUs thanks @erwin and @mister black.
  • Fix: Windowskins: fixed osd dialogs were shown as windows messageboxes if skins were active.
  • Pimped: Info file for recordings, now more info in it.
  • Removed: Mini EPG: Removed portallist from MiniEPG (OSD-Green).
  • Removed: Options: Removed recordDB option window.
  • Removed: Options: Removed timezone option window.
  • Reworked: Autoplay: Works now with DVD, CD, Photo and MediaCD/DVD.
  • Update: Channeleditor: Channels can be moved by keyboard (Shift + Up/Down/Home/End).
  • Update: Channeleditor: Reworked portions of the Channeleditor. Added popupmenu.
  • Update: Favourite editor: Channels can be moved by keyboard (Shift + Up/Down/Home/End).
  • Update: Favourite editor: Reworked portions of the Favourite editor. Added Popupmenu.
  • BIG Change:
    Channels can have (audio) subchannels. This is not done automatically, you have to help the first time a little bit. The format of the channels.dat does not change and the system is backward compatible.
    A "old" channellist is shown as you are used to it. But if you scan the Audio subchannels will be automatically created and inserted.
    You can update the channellist by the following:
    - Scan the Source into a new root, this will be the easiest solution but your sorting will be lost.
    - Do an update scan, this function will try to find the channel/subchannel relations, but you have to delete the old audiochannels manually. And you have to be careful, the channels have to match (this includes diseqC).
    - Sort it by hand (mouse). Via Drag'n'Drop you can drag the to be subchannels onto the main entry ("ZDF (AC3)" on "ZDF"). If it does not work, the channels are not equal (do the diseqC settings match?).
    Subchannels have NO own channelnumber, subchannels will be ignore on channel Up/Down. To select a subchannel use the Audiotrack menu (Input Options -> OSD, Mainmenu->Settings, OSD Blue).
    To change the default audiotrack you can swap a subchannel with its parentchannel (via drag'n'drop or Shift + Up/Down). You can also change the order of the subchannels via this.
    You can add a subchannel as a favourite, but favourites do not have subchannels in the favouritemenu.
    Audiotracks menu and MPEG recordings with "record all audiotracks" NEED the subchannels otherwise they don't work, this means they only include the current audiotrack, so you better adjust you channellist. ;)
  • Reworked: Networkdevices: Most parts are rewritten to make way to the upcoming changes to the dvbserver. Please check your Network option in the hardware options.
    The bigger changes in detail:
    - The Multicastdevice tries to determinate the packet size automatically. But you should set it to the same buffers count as in the server to avoid unnecessary delays on startup in the netdevice options.
    - The Multicastdevice has now a buffercount property. One Buffer = 188 bytes. It Buffercount determinates the used UDP packet size. You should use more than one buffer but not too much, you have to play around with the value and remember to set the value in the server too!
    - The Networkdevices do a simple valid check of the packets to avoid sending non TS-packets into the pipeline.
    - The Networkdevices has now a buffercount property. This buffer is used internally to cache the arriving packets for checking. The buffercount does not influence the packet size, it will always be 1460 byte (limited by TCP).
  • Add: Input options: Added im- and export of .remote files.
    Export and Import can be done for remotedevice or for user defined commands.
    - On exporting you can select if you want to export the user defined commands only or a remotedevice. The user commands are automatically exported, if you choose a remote device.
    - On importing existing entries of remotedevice/remotekey pairs will be replaced, to avoid double entries.



The DVBServer has been mostly rewritten and has now multidevice capabilities.

  • Multidevice only works with unicast.
  • The userinterface has been modified extensively, but most should be recognisable.
  • The settings in the hardware are similar to the DVBViewer settings.
  • Because of conflicts with the DVBViewer the DVBServer now uses an own hardware file. So you have to setup your hardware on first use!
  • Be careful and use IDENTICAL channellists on server and client. Especially channelgroups and DiseqC MUST match!



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