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DVBViewer is out


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The following things has been changed:




- Optimized program startup.


- Playlist: Completly reworked. Now the OSD-Playlist and the Playlist use the same data.


- Preview completely reworked. Now multi device capable. If you activate the preview it tunes to the current channel. Tuning is done only in the main window. Most of the commands are the same only the channel switch commands in the preview were removed. The same restrictions with the CI apply. h264 channels are not allowed as preview. Channel up/down selects always only allowed channels.


- Preview Options: completely reworked.


- firedtv-s2: fixed a bug on tuning dvb-s2 channels.


- Hardware Device options. New BDA tuning method available. A little bit faster as the old one but is not guarantied to work with every device.


- KNC One: MMI does work now. you need the latest KNCBDACTRL.dll and BDA driver.


- BDA Devices: Opening a BDA device is now faster thanks to Griga.


- Action.ini: Updated.


- Actions.ini: Added command to reset the most viewed channels list. Best use is with the -x command line. Careful there is no further warning.


- Actions.ini: added Zoom75% action.


- Aspectratio menu: New item to fit the window automatically on aspect ratio change. Works only with aspectratio auto.


- ATSC autochannel update fixed.


- ATSC EPG fixed.


- AudioCD: A list of available CD drives is shown if there is more than one.


- AudioCD: new inputaction for Play AudioCD.


- Audiostream change for avi should work now.


- Autoplay: Fix for media with videofiles were always auto played.


- Autoupdate: fixed disappearing EPG due to update with the TID of the previous channel.


- Browsefolder dialog: use now new style dialog. Always centred to the calling window.


- CCSubtitel reworked.


- Changed the translation system, the language files do have a different format now. Most language files are already converted. Removed old language files.


- Channeleditor: Fix for diseqC values not applied on the whole root.


- Channellist has a new Filter: "Can tune" shows only channels which can be tuned (if recordings are running or preview)(Shortcut F9).


- Channellist: If show favourites is selected the channels will be in favourite order now.


- Channellist: new menu item to en/disable the epg hints.


- Channellist: Now dockable to the left or right of the main window. Does not work in skinning mode.


- COM: Added #configfolder and #appfolder to the data tags. They contain a full path.


- COM: Added #selectedmenuitem and #menuitems to the data tags. #menuitems is a commaseparated value list of all menuitems of the current menu and #selectedmenuitem is the index of the currently selected item or -1 if not valid. Can be used with the controlchange event.


- Databases: Several optimizations on the database handling.


- Playlist: drag'n'drop into the playlist window is possible.


- Mainwindow: Drag'n'Drop of playlists and mixed content in the DVBViewer window is possible.


- DVD-Play: A list of available DVD drives is shown if there is more than one.


- EPG options: the Up/Down control didn't activate the apply button.


- EPG: Optimized the internal handling further.


- Favorites: removed bug on adding from the channellist.


- FireDTV DVB-S2: autodetection for upcomming drivers integrated.


- Fix crash on startup on Windows < XP


- Fix for played status of videos not set correctly.


- Fixed moving the mainwindow in vista. Thanks @Griga


- Hints: Fixed the STRG instead of CTRL display in all non german languages.


- ID Tags reading reworked and optimized.


- If "do not tune last channel" is active the commandline parameter -c[channel] was ignored.


- Inputoptions: export now accepts every folder as destination.


- Languages: all updated, included current italiano and suomi language (thanks @gioxy and @sf100).


- Networkdevices can be named in the hardware options -> settings.


- Networkdevices get a unique ID.


- New commandline: -reset. Resets all windows positions to the default works only on start.


- New Template for recording names "%title". Attention not allowed chars will be deleted and if the entry is too long, it will be cut at 240 chars.


- Options: Removed all playlist settings.


- OSD Defaultskin: Several fixes and enhancements thanks @Tjod.


- OSD Engine: Several small fixes.


- OSD Find more... Entries are now sorted by date/time.


- OSD Playlist window now selectable in the HTPC menu.


- OSD Playlist window reworked.


- OSD TTX window: now the same behaviour on number input as the TTX window.


- OSD-Channellist now has a preview filter and shows only allowed channels if preview is active.


- OSD-Favorites editor: audio subchannels are as separate entries in the list.


- OSD-Timers: fixed sometimes the wrong channel was selected on editing a timer.


- OSD-Videowindow: Fixed filesize display for files > 8,5 GB.


- Playlist is not saved in the setup.xml anymore. Existing data will be converted and removed.


- Playlist is NOT saved on exiting the Viewer. You have to save it manually.


- Playlist is now saved as playlist.m3u file into the userdata folder. It is loaded automatically on start.


- Radiomode: is now applied immediatly on radio mode switching in the options.


- Radiomode: on switching to the next song in the playlist the window doesn't show the videoarea for a short time anymore.


- Radiomode: Removed retuning on radio mode switching in the options.


- Recordings: Changed the valid filename routine, now only the real forbidden chars are removed.


- Reworked Best windowsize.


- Reworked the complete mediatags display. A sideeffect: a converted recording (avi etc) will be detected as recording if a info file of the same name exists or if the fileinfos are present (generated with property copy tool from griga).


- Slideshow: now reactivates the last channel not the channel before the last.


- Vista: Some small fixes for vista.


- Zoom is now dependent on the aspectratio. There are two sets of presets one for 4:3 formats (None, 1:1, 4:3) and one for wide formats (16:9 14:9 etc). Depending on the currently used aspectratio the changes in the zoom window apply to one of the sets.


- Zoom, Colour and EQ window are now one window.






- Fixed diseqC settings/commandsfile was not loaded.


Netstreaming Plugin:


- Added buffers property to Multicast settings. A Buffer = 188 bytes.




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