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2 small command line tools with source code

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Hi! ;)


Here are two small tools (Delphi 7 source code and compiled) for command line and/or batch execution. Maybe, you find them useful. I need them on my HTPC.


- ShutdownDVBViewer.exe: Command options: none. Simply shuts down the DVBViewer. Purpose: on my HTPC, the "power on" button of the remote control is 1:1 connected to the "power on" button of the HTPC case. I have a tool running which recognizes that i press the button for hibernating or switching the computer to standby. This gives DVBViewer the chance to properly store it's settings before the PC goes down.


- WakeOnLAN.exe: Command line options: MAC address of the network card of the computer that should be wakened up. Simply sends the "magic packet" as an UDP broadcast. You need to configure your network card driver and/or your BIOS settings to get this running. The MAC address can be figured out with the command "ipconfig /all" from the command line. Microsoft calls it "Physical address".


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