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Mediamatics decoder


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I test registry settings for my favorite video filter - Mediamatics.

When I set :

HKLM/SOFTWARE/Mediamatics/DVD Express/ActiveMovie Decoder/EnableMotionComp: REG_DWORD=1

then processor usage fall down from 45 to 10% ????


I use ATI Radeon 7500.



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Yeah.. that option enable the Motion Compensation decoding features of all the video card that has got this possibility (and now all the video card use the motion compensation acceleration to decoded Mpeg2 stream). The ATi gpu has got also the IDCT features in hardware.. this could help to improve decoding quality and speed if this could be used.. B)

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I've test it and if I put that DWORD at 1 to enable Motion Compensation the cpu usage remain 15-25%.. like the DWORD is 0.. mah.. I don't undestand..

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:lol:B):D YEAAAA.....

I try to activate Motion Compensation on my pc and I go from 62% of DVBViewer cpu usage down to 28% with italian channel Canale 5 on HB. Just for remark that i have Win98se, athlon 600 and Ati AIW128 (gpu = rage 128!!!). Thanks Marfi!

I see that near motion compensation there is other options that can be manipulated in registry: can someone explain what that options do and if it will be good?




PS: now I waiting to working XVR Renderer B)

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Now I'm using Intervideo decoder.. it's wonderful... cpu 15-25% and High video quality.. :D:lol:


I'd like to use ATI DVD Player directshow filter (if it get one) to decode Mpeg2 stream.. B)

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Hmm tonite I wondered why DVBViewer 1.99R5 won't work at around 0:30 after I had watched a movie 45 minutes before and only surfed in those minutes.

OK, it was no real surprise as I thought about the date and I remembered the expiration of Marfi's Renderer. So I headed over to his site and threw the last release of SkyAVC-Net in the filters-folder - voila!

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Those with DVD express v5 can check the web for upgrades to DVmatics which is v6 of DVD express v5, for example at http://www.national.com/appinfo/dvd/suppor...msft/index.html

because v6 seems to include the widest support for motion compensation (lower CPU usage) so all graphics cards with this feature should work.


A list from the registry which I think are the different Motion Compensations it supports:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Mediamatics\DVD Express\ActiveMovie Decoder\Formats]
















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For those who are still with the V5 decoder package (which can't be updated): Try to set in the registry


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Mediamatics\DVD Express\ActiveMovie Decoder\EnableDDHVA = 1


That caused a significant lower CPU usage with V



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And for those who don't have any Mediamatics DVD software but happen to own a Dazzle DVC II can freely download DVD Express v5 from http://www.nanodv.co.kr/driver.htm and then upgrade to DVMatics v6 from http://www.national.com/appinfo/dvd/suppor...msft/index.html


If the admins think that people without any moral will abuse this download, just remove the link...


Btw, not having much luck with getting lower CPU usage for HDTV clips on an NVIDIA card, looks like ATI cards get the best boost.

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Guest Oliver
If the admins think that people without any moral will abuse this download, just remove the link...

Well, the link points to an official and legitimate site and the download itself seems to be legal.


Btw, not having much luck with getting lower CPU usage for HDTV clips on an NVIDIA card

Only the Geforce 4 MX and the FX series feature a full hardware MPEG2 decoder; Geforce 2, 3 and 4 (without MX) don't, though. But every ATI Radeon card should have one.


Bye, Oliver

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Thanx for the info Oliver, and thanx for not being an extremei admin like many other are...

I finally found the correct details at the FusionHDTV FAQ about the whole hardware acceöeration deal:



nVidia (DxVa mode)

GeForce2,3 DxVA does not work at all. (reboot or hang or strange picture)

GeForce4 Ti series do not have IDCT but only MC (requires faster CPU)

GeForce4 Mx series do have IDCT and MC. (consumes less than 50% cpu cycle with P4 2.4G)


Radeon (DxVA mode)

7200,7200,7500,9000 works similiar even thogh 9000 has better quality at with high Windows resolution like 1920x1080. (all the latest driver is Ok up to 3.2)

8500,9100 reboots or hang with 3.1,3.2 driver (3.0 is ok)

9500,9700 reboots or hang with 3.2 driver (3.0,3.1 is ok)


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Guest Oliver

I've tested the Mediamatics, the quality is really good, but there are issues with the SkyAVC 3031, I had several missing video frames. It works absolutely flawless with the Cyberlink decoder.


GeForce2,3 DxVA does not work at all. (reboot or hang or strange picture)

Deactivating "allow DXVA reconnect" solved the problems with the NVIDIA decoder and the DVBViewer, when starting with Pro7 for example. But these problems also occur with an ATI Radeon. And I haven't been able to play back certain DVDs, I always get a messed up picture, no matter the used graphics card or settings.



Bye, Oliver

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Might be the nasty driver factor, because MPEG2 supports seems to work or break depending on driver versions, especially when support is added for new hardware, here is another snip from the FusionHDTV FAQ, about hw MPEG2 support at HDTV rez, x=busted o=OK:


nVidia Geforce4 Detonator42.90 Detonator44.03

win2kpro winXP win2kpro winXP

MX420 o o o o

MX440 same

Ti 4200 o o x x

FX5200 x x o o

FX5600 x x o o



ATI RADEON catalyst 3.4 catalyst 3.5

win2kpro winXP win2kpro winXP

9700 o o o o

9000 o o o o

8500(9100) o o o o

7500 x x/o o o


Not sure about the 7500 in XP there, lost the link to the english FAQ, this is taken from the korean...

Anyways, shows how NVIDIA kills its WHQL 4403 driver because of adding support for the FX series and screwing all other users, unified driver my ---------------.

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I tried the registry change


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Mediamatics\DVD Express\ActiveMovie Decoder\EnableDDHVA = 1


and with my ATI Radeon 7200 the processor load went down from more than 60% to less than 10 %




No interlacing problems not even on NTV

nice picture.



With my computer


(P3 1.1 GHz, XP, ATI Radeon 7200)



this is fantastic!


No Need for a skystar 1 anymore...




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...but yesterday I encountered a problem with setting the EnableDDHVA registry value to 1: Fast channelswitching doesn't work correctly, if the resolution changes. No TV picture anymore, only modern art... :blush:


Has anybody else experienced that?



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I had the same effect, zapping with this setting is not fun.


However after refreshing the picture everything is fine.

I did not test whether the timer recording function is affected when channel switching is necessary prior to record .




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Does anybody know how to enable de-interlacing in VMR-mode?


I assume that your question refers to the Mediamatics...


I tried some changes in the registry, and it seems that hardware acceleration (which has no effect in VMR mode anyway) must be disabled to get de-interlacing. On my PC (GeForce MX 440) I had to set EnableDDHVA to 0 - that was the main point - and additionally ForceWeave and UseBobWeave to 0.



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Earlier in this post, the differences between Mediamatics v5 and v6 are mentioned.

I checked out your link (thanks for that! :wacko: ) for v6 upgrades, and there are in fact 6 upgrades for different computer brands. I downloaded a few of these (not all) looked inside with WinPack3, and now I have a nice collection of DVD Express AV Decoder.dll in my hard disk:





My problem is which of those is v6?

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Just a thought:

My "quick" approach of extracting the .dll from the upgrade package and replacing it in my system is probably not a good idea because each filter has its own registry entries which are only created by the installation of the full package.

Besides there may be other updated files involved apart from DVD Express AV Decoder.dll, which would also be missing.

Do you agree?


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@santope: mostly the programmer use a compatible modus for new development with the old versions. (registry entry, *ini ...)So it could be, that you have no problems if you change only the files.

If you register a Dll or *.ax file normaly this files get the needed entrys. But you can make additional entrys which using the programmer or other programms.

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