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As mentioned earlier this month, we where heavily working under a lot of pressure on the current binary :P




- Fix: Adding music extentions works again.


- Fix: Split after options now works as exspected. Please check if your values are still ok in the option.


- Fix: Resume of DVD fixed.


- Reworked: Shoutcast support (scast://channel name).


- Fix: Channel scan with KNC-One with CI works.


- Fix: German EPG now without "Š".


- Fix: Last position of Video when closing DVBViewer on playback now is remembered correctly.


- Fix BDA Device: Terratec XE and XE MKII now work


- Fix: radioskin: not able to close DVBViewer.


- Fix: radioskin: disabled maximizing


- Reverted: Subtitle options: Delay is back.


- Fix: Zoomsettings were not saved if the zoomwindow was open on channelchange.


- Change: Zoomsettings are saved now for all aspectratio not only for automatic.


- Fix: ch+/ch- were swapped.


- Fix: The -c[name]:SID commandline did not work with audiosubchannels.


- Change: H264 now works with PIP. Think twice before using HDTV H264 in both (Main and PIP).


- Add: Channellist: Added AAC audioformat.


- Prepared: AAC support. Just waiting for working audiocodecs.


- OSD: Crash on changing language files if fullscreen OSD-page was opened.


- OSD: OSD Recording window - context menu: added database submenu.


- OSD: OSD timeline window - next/previos file action generates a page up/down.


- OSD: OSD Listview and thumbnailview: next/previos file action generates a page up/down.


- OSD: OSD Timer/EPG/EPG Now/EPG search/recordings: left/right generates a page up/down.


- OSD: OSD Channellist window: the textoffsets of the epg list now work.


- OSD: OSD several windows: if a EPG entry is selected you can send it to the PVR by pressing the record button on the remote.


- OSD: Fix for 120dpi font problems. All fontsizes will be translated to 96 dpi dimensions. If you use a skin especially for 120dpi you can influence it in the font.xml file of the OSD-skin (see default OSD-skin <dpi>120</dpi>)


- Actions.ini: Added commands for recording database administration.


- Language files: german language file heavely reworked (thanks @Tjod and members of the forum). english up to date, suomi up to date (thanks @SF100)


- Experimental support for EVR with Vista. Don't use it with other windows versions. No guaranties.


Regards and a happy first december 2007,


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