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How to capture whole ts from Hauppage card?


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I'm pretty new to directshow programming, but I am trying to learn it...

Maybe a stupid "noob" question, but i wounder how I can capture the whole transport stream from a Hauppauge HVR 4000 card? (From the DVB-T tuner)

It looks like the Microsoft DVB-T Network Provider filter ++ can only capture parts of the stream because i have to set ONID, TSID and SID values.

But I think it should be possible to capture the whole transponder???


I would be happy if somone could give me some hints, and maybe som links to some info.. Is there a public SDK available?

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By make use of VLC Player you can able to save the whole TS.

If you are able to play in VLC then you can able to save (forget about Copy Right here) the MPEG-2 DVB Transport Stream.



Some Pointers


Open VLC

Capture Device

Select DVB -> Terrestrial -> Frequency -> Symbol Rate - > Here you can play

for save, Convert/Save option repeat above step and it should save.

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