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Forum Birthday

Guest DAvenger

How are you going to spend DVBViewer's forum birthday?  

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  1. 1. How are you going to spend DVBViewer's forum birthday?

    • I am going to get banned for making fun of the Moderators!
    • I am going to make 1000+ posts in one day and make the server crash.
    • I am going to hack its MySQL database (psst, don't tell anyone).
    • I'll go sleep.
    • I will certainly NOT spend it creating silly polls!

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I will make a big bowl of popcorn, take a good bottle Tullamore Dew 12 years and good bottle Usquabach and try to read all my crazy 2000 posts again. (w00t)(w00t):wub:

And then i go to the radlight board and make there thousands of posts, that you have such a successful board to. :)



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Get Your BRANDNEW modded DVBViewer1.99R10M+ here:




- It can now display ond/or record 3 channels at once.

- You can record directly to divx5.1 or wmv9 (at least Pentium 5 or Xyntium1 needed)

- You can now watch a second satellite with only one normal 85cm dish !!!

- and maaaaaaaannnnny things more.......



Please Moderators don't remove the link.

I have payed 20 Bucks for the Website!!!


And please don't tell Christian, cause I don't have his ok for my little modifications.

Psssssssss... !!!


I hope the Server-Admins don't take the site down before all of You have the proggy, because I can't afford another 20 Bucks... :wub:





And yes : HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! :wub::)(w00t)

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@Technofriend: Yeaaaahhh, i'm a lucky person and could see the modded viewer. I saved a picture for all people which cant see it at your link. :)

I post here the downloaded picture.

Maybe we need a new board for this powerfull modded Viewer. :wub:(w00t)

The best feature was the integrated burning program! You can record/burn directly to DVD !!!

Technofriend you are a godlike programmer. If Christian see your job, i think he will fetch back his apprentice's premium and ask you for teaching him! :wub:(w00t)




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I post here the downloaded picture.


Urgh :) that's not true, is it? Just another example of the misguided taste of a degenerated postmodern society bound to perish... why not return to that good ol' DOS design to keep us hardened and strong? Rough and simple - that's it! (w00t)


How are you going to spend DVBViewer's forum birthday?


Write another DVBViewer plugin :wub: - what else? Can't keep my hands off...




P.S. That's how it should be:

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Please, tell me it's that signature thingie, Please


No, I'm very sorry... :wub: it is a Videorecorder Plugin for experimental purpose. Just for trying some things without having to rebuild the whole DVBViewer each time.


Unfortunately I know nothing about programming that web stuff - FTP, PHP etc. I even don't know what these signatures are. So I'd suggest that Michael :) does the job...



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