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We finished the new update, and it is probably the last 3.9 release. This means after this day we start with Version 4.0 which will takes month until its completion. The reason is that we are still full of ideas to implement :bye:




- Fix: The Wizard ignored the recording folders if using an existing configuration.


- Fix: DVD Playpack without video.


- Fix: Channellist: If the favourite filter was set, changes in the favouriteseditor did not show up in the channellist until disabling, enabling the favourite filter.


- Fix: SFI: removed non displaying chars.


- Fix: OSD-Recording window: the command.ini got the wrong filesnames.


- Fix: PIP: moving with the mouse did not work with vista correctly.


- Fix: Small Videowindow: moving with the mouse did not work with vista correctly.


- Fix: Favouriteeditor: folder could be placed in folder and triggered an exception.


- Fix: AC3/AAC fixes from Griga integrated. Fixes Problem no AC3 recording on certain channel in mpeg format.


- Fix: CC-Subtitel ATSC reworked.


- Fix: Wizard sometimes messed up with network devices.


- Fix: thumbnail folder were not create if usermode=0.


- Fix: OSDSkin: several problems corrected if a skin ignores some standards.


- Fix: Hardwareoptions: sharelnb was not hidden on tunertype change.


- Change: Timeshift: In Timeshift mode pressing stop the first time stopps the timeshift recording, pressing stop a second time stopps timeshift completely.


- Change: Options: All decoder selection boxes display system default in red.


- Workaround: Cyberlink resets colorcontrol on renderer state change in overlay.


- Add: Hardware: Terratec s2 dection integrated.


- Fix: aac audio only recordings now have the extention ".aac".


- Fix: DVBsubtitle reworked.


- Fix: DiseqC 1.2: Westposition were ignored.



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