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Videorecorder-Plugin (eng.)

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Here is something new: I decided to upload a pre-release of the Videorecorder Plugin to the Service Center right now... especially for the HDTV freaks so that they can try some things.


Please note:


- Installation: Just put the DLL file into the DVBViewer\Plugins folder - that's all. It only works with the full version of the DVBViewer, not with the TechniSat Edition.


- It's a beta release, there might be bugs. I take no responsibility for whatever the plugin does on your computer.


- I can't provide a manual or something similar at the moment - you have to find out how it works by trial and error.


- It is not designed for DVB newbies and requires some experience (especially TS recording).


- Files are written to the folder specified in the DVBViewer under Options/Recorder. Filenames are created automatically (channel name plus date and time).


Now, what can be done with this plugin? It provides three different recording methods:


1) "Normal" recording, very similar to the already known DVBViewer recording capabilities. There are some smaller enhancements: E.g. the bit rate in the first video sequence header of MPG files is patched in a way that most players will show the correct length in their trackbar. This also will be included in the next DVBViewer release.


For this recording method the plugin inserts two additional Dumper Filters in the DirectShow filter graph. If the "Keep connected..." Option is checked, the plugin tries to keep the Dumpers always there, so that a recording can be started without temporarily stopping the filter graph.


2) Recording with the recorder functions of Marfi's source filter, which are not used by the DVBViewer. They support MPG and PVA. Check "Use Marfi's Recorder", if you want to try... might be an alternative, if "normal" recording with the DVBViewer or the plugin raises problems.


3) Transport stream recording: TS files contain the raw data, as they are received from satellite, and offer some special possibilties. You can


- watch a channel and record another one, that is broadcasted on the same transponder (e.g. Sat1 and Pro7), or even record one channel with the DVBViewer and another one as TS with the plugin - all at the same time.


- record video plus two or more audio tracks in one file (e.g. stereo plus AC3, or different languages).


- record several broadcasts from the same transponder to one file (let's say two TV channels and three radio channels simultaneously) - it's only limited by the speed of your computer and your hard disk.


- include videotext in the recording.


For all this, you have to select the appropriate PIDs in the list, that appears after clicking the "Pid Selection" button.


Of course there are drawbacks: Probably no player will be able to play TS files on your computer. It requires a demultiplexer filter that "understands" this file format. The only one I know is the MPEG Splitter from MainConcept.


So, what can you do with the TS files?


- Demux them or convert them to MPG resp. M2P with ProjectX (see here). This prog is able to demux videotext or multiple TV broadcasts that have been recorded to one TS file, but it's a bit complicated. See this thread in Lucikes forum for further information.


- Demux or view them with MPEG Transporter. It's not so sophisticated, but easier to handle than ProjectX.


Please note:


- TS Recording with the SkyStar 4.2 source filter works, but due to technical reasons only with disabled audio and video playback (which means, recording with less than 3% processor usage - it's not a bug, it's a feature! :wub: ).


- TS Recording with Marfi's source filter requires switching to a special data mode. The filter graph has to be stopped temporarily for this. Check the "Keep Marfi's Filter prepared..." option, if you want it to be permanently switched to this mode. But have in mind that this may cause problems with other plugins that use the same mode (none of the plugins in the Service Center does).


That's all - now let's see how you get along with it....




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Yes, feedback is welcome. But please have in mind that the plugin "as it is" is not designed for the public, but only for experimental purpose. I just wanted to try this and that...


The final release will look quite different. My plans are to kick the "normal" recording (which the DVBViewer provides anyway), and enhance the "multirecorder" capabilities, e.g. recording of overlapping TV broadcasts to separate TS files as SPTS (only one channel per file), in order to make it more flexible and to avoid the complicated demuxing of MPTS (multiple channels per file) with ProjectX.



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Hi @griga,


1st feedback.. I tried the ts mode and it records real ts_packets :wub:




It would be nice to add pids in the pid selection menu. Is there a global pid to record the entire multiplex (e.g. 0x2000 ??)?


So far I don't really know what to do with the multi_pid recording. I tried the transporter tool you recommended but I can't select the pids. I recorded a stream with 3 different programms but transporter only shows one. Maybe the pmt is needed as well?

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So far I don't really know what to do with the multi_pid recording.


ProjectX is the only software I know that is able to handle MPTS... but Klausing and me had to ask in Lucikes forum, because we had no clue how to do it. dvb.matt was kind enough to explain... follow the link above.



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hm, again another program... I downloaded and compiled xproject and had a go (trial&error) on my .ts file with 3 different programmes. All I got was a mux with one video stream and all 3 audio tracks.


ps. when demuxing I get again only 1 video and 3 audio files :wub:

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1) Launch X, go to the main tab, drag the TS file into the field in the upper right corner.

2) Rightclick the filename in the upper right corner, select "Specials"

3) In the Specials-Window you'll find a PID list. Enter the PIDs of the packets you want to extract (decimal or hex, doesn't matter).

4) Click "Apply". Return to the main tab. Now convert or demux.




1) as above

2) Click the "i" button. X will search the PIDs that are available in the TS file.

3) Rightclick the filename in the upper right corner, select "Specials"

4) The PID list in the Specials Window will contain the available PIDs as hex numbers. Remove the unwanted PIDs by doubleclicking them.

5) Click "Apply". Return to the main tab. Convert or demux.



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..cool, funktioniert prima :) (das kontext menü kannte ich gar nicht :) )


Wünsche für den TS-mode :)


1. gesamten mux

2. PMTs (beliebiger mix von pmts, alle pids/pmt)

3. PID_mode (übernehmen vom parsing aber auch manuell)


again.. I didn't realize that this thread is in English :wub:

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Two known issues of the VR-Plugin:


If the Data Mode of Marfi's Filter (necessary for TS recording) is enabled (after checking the "Keep Marfi's Filter Prepared..." option or starting a TS recording), preview won't work anymore. Sorry, but I can't change that.


Furthermore switching over to another channel sometimes may fail, when Marfi's Filter is switched to Data Mode.


So at the moment I recommend to use the "Keep Marfi's Filter Prepared..." option only if it's really necessary, e.g. for starting a TS recording without temporarily stopping the filter graph.



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In der nächsten Version des Plugins wird es funktionieren. Die Betaversion, die ich zur Zeit teste, weist schon eine entsprechende Funktionalität auf, es ist aber noch etwas umständlich.


Der DVBViewer selbst wird auch noch entsprechend an das Plugin angepasst werden, damit das deutlich komfortabler gehen wird. Ob das schon auf die nächste Version zutreffen wird, weiß ich allerdings nicht.


Bis dann, Oliver

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They talked about the possibility to combine the plugin with the internal DVBViewer timer.

Oliver says: the next version of this plugin can do this, but the existing version not.


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They talked about the possibility to combine the plugin with the internal DVBViewer timer. Oliver says: the next version of this plugin can do this, but the existing version not.


I've updated the VR Plugin in the Service Center :jump: :

  • Timer support added
  • OK Button added in the PID Selection window. If you close the window by clicking this button, the settings will *not* be updated when switching to another channel, in order to maintain them for a subsequent timer recording. The normal update mode is reactivated, after the recording is done, or by clicking the Update Button.
  • Input line for additional PIDs added in the PID Selection window, for people who want to record special transport stream packets, whose PIDs are not shown in the DVBViewer channellist. Enter them as decimal values separated by commas.

For timer recordings perform the following steps:

  • Set up the VR Plugin
  • Open the DVBViewer Record Settings window.
  • Program the task as usual. For TS recording, the channel may be any channel from the same transponder (same frequency).
  • Important: Select "Record" in the dropdown list down right ("Use Plugin" is already occupied by the Audiorecorder Plugin). Enter "VRP" as the first three letters in the Description Field - by this the VR Plugin comes to know that it has to do the recording.
  • "Close" and "Shutdown" in the list down left will be executed by the plugin; "Hibernate" and "Standby" will also perform a shutdown.

Overlapping recordings of two different broadcasts from the same transponder (!) - one as TS with the plugin, another one with the DVBViewer - are possible, but have to be programmed with care:

  • The plugin TS recording must be started first (the DVBViewer ignores timer tasks, while it is already executing another one).
  • Setting up the PIDs for the desired channel of the TS recording and confirming them with OK (see above) is a must - otherwise both recorders will record the same channel.
  • The subsequent DVBViewer recording must *not* change the channel. Thus the desired channel for the second (DVBViewer) recording must already be programmed for the first (Plugin) event!

To give you an example... let's assume that you want to record two events, one on Pro7, another one on Sat1 (same transponder). Both start at 8:15 pm. The plugin shall take over the Pro7 recording.

  • Switch over to Pro7. Select TS as output format in the plugin, open the PID Selection window and make sure that the video and audio PID for Pro7 are checked. Close the window by clicking OK.
  • Program the timer event for the plugin as described above, but select Sat1 (!) as channel. The plugin won't mind that it's the wrong channel, as long as the PIDs for Pro7 are selected. Let it start at 8:14 - it must be started first!
  • Then program the Sat1 recording for the DVBViewer - same channel, but let it start at 8:15. The DVBViewer will warn you by displaying the overlapping entries in red - can be ignored in this case.

A bit complicated... I hope I will find some time to write a more convenient Multirecorder Plugin (let's say until next year :huh: )



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Hi Griga,


there's something that I don't understand. I found out that you can playback TS-recordings if the corresponding PMT and the PAT is recorded as well (just followed the recipe of the .tp files :jump: ) It doesn't matter whether the type is .ts or .tp the files can be opened simply with elecard.


Same I tried with the HDTV transponder on astra. Now the point, whatever I try, the PAT is always missing! Could you please have a look?

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@Derrick: Yes, a little bug in the VR Plugin...


The PIDs of the actual channel have to be sent to Marfi's filter in any case, otherwise the DVBViewer won't work anymore. Additionally the plugin checks if there are duplicates, in order to avoid sending PIDs twice. So if there is a 0 PID in the channel's data (like the Euro1080 Teletext PID), it is filtered.


The PAT can be saved with DVBSource or SkyStar 4.2, however. Check your email...



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@Griga: thx for your replay.

I read the postings but I don't understand well, I think.

Why there is a Problem - I understand !

But how I get the PAT? (I don't need Playback during recording)

In Source-Filter I select Skystar 4.2 and not Marfi's !?!

I hope you understand where I go wrong and you can help......


cu, Kaba

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What the PAT concerns there is nothing wrong. TSReader shows the PAT 0x0000, doesn't it? What is missing in your example is the PMT. Try 0,600 for WDR :huh:


btw. TSReader sucks, if you click on the WDR_PMT (0x0258) it doesn't show the ES :jump:

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A totally different question that bothers me :jump: Nowhere in the settings is a field for the PCR_pid. I know that there are ony few providers that put the pcr in a separate stream. Mostly it's embedded in the adaptation field (v_pid and pcr_pid are identical). The used method depends on the multiplexer.


Nevertheless it exists -> e.b. canal plus on astra (BVN is the only FTA service)


any comments?

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@Griga and ALL

SORRY! My Mistake - I'm looking for the PMT and not the PAT...



I've tried 0,600 but this don't gives the needed results --((

I think, I need the PMT at 0x20, but i don't get... (see Picture above)


When I take the TS-Reader from DVB2000, then I have this Result:



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@Kaba, please read some basic stuff und make sure that your settins are ok. A PMT is defined in the PAT and is not constant. If you want to record WDR (which I assumed from your previous posting) 0x0258 (600 dec.) is the correct PMT and not 0x0020.

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thank you for your help!

No I have understand my mistake - the vcrrecorder works good.


The Problem was, that DVB2000 makes a PAT with only one PMT-Entry for 0x0020 and this Pseudo PMT 0x0020. The Generated is selfmade by DVB2000 and not the one from the Brodcaster.

The second Problem was the Programm TSreader. In my recorder *.ts stream I have the Pid 600 for WDR. Why the Programm don't accept it, I don't now in the moment. I thingh, this is a problem of TSreader.

I have understand that the PMT are different and why I have no grabbing at 0x0020. -))



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@Kaba, you should have told in the 1st place that you compared that to a ts-recording made by dvb2000 and a tool like dvbedit :blush:


DVBEdit is written by Rod Hewitt and he is also the author of TSReader. He lives in the states and doesn't have access to european dvb transmissions. But he's aware that tsreader has a problem parsing the complicated PMTs in our multiplexes (I told him already :P )

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  • 2 weeks later...



i made a lot of .ts recording tests..... here are my results:


With following procedure the .ts recordings (with three or more TV-channels at the same time) are error free.


- i have to restart the System

- start DVBViewer (don´t select a new channel - keep last activated)

- start VRPlugIn and select three or more TV Video-/Audio-streams (PIDs)

- click on record button


In this case the recordings with a minimum of three or more TV-channels (up to all PIDs) are fine. No errors.


But once the DVBViewer is closed and opend again, or the graph is rebuild by selecting another channel or manual rebuild, the .ts recordings have video errors. Even the livepicture has errors in this case, but only when VRP is recording. I noticed that the .ts recordings are error free when the graph is build for the first time after a fresh system start. I can reproduce it again and again. It doesen´t matter if i use Skystar- or Marfis-filter, smart-buffer enabeld or disabled.


Nvertheless it´s a great PlugIn, thank you.

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@pawn: Strange.. I made exactly the same experience, but didn't test it as thoroughly as you did - very helpful!


Another mystery that has to be revealed - at the moment I've no clue why multi-recording of three or more channels doesn't work anymore after selecting another channel. On some PCs it doesn't seem to occur, however - e.g. Derrick has no problems at all with multi-recording, as far as I know.



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hm, I think maybe you'll need a clean restart on another channel. A good tool for checking the quality is TSReader. Record a short sample with many or all (imho 39 PIDs the max. number of B2C2) and open the file with tsreader. You'll see a histogram with all pids. If you see many continuity errors * you'll have to start all over again. Last not least, use a clean version without any forbidden plugins :(


ps. just a thought.. I don't save the settings ts-recording. My default is mpeg and when I want to record ts I'll have to switch to ts 1st.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I cannot get timer recordings to work with VRP set as text in the description field. When the start time arrives channel change to set channel but it still uses the audio recorder plugin. The VR-Plugin window does not appear.


Solved wrong source filter in options....


Feel free to delete this message.

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but it still uses the audio recorder plugin


Don't select "Use Plugin" in the DVBViewer's Recorder Settings Window! Select "Record" in the dropdown list - see instruction above.



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Recording with the VRP via the Record Setings Windows (using VPR...in the "Description" field) is working well for me.


One nice thing is that while recording with the VRP you can enable and disable the Audio/Video in the Recorder Control.


Could we have the Option "Use VRP" in the drop down menu "Record/Only Tune/Use Plugin"? - Instead of having to type: VRP...





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  • 1 month later...

I've just uploaded a new Test Version of the Videorecorder Plugin to the Sercvice Center.


Since some people had problems with the DVBViewer 2.0 R2 recordings, I've changed some things. Now it is important to find out wether the changes solve these problems (or create new ones...), so that we come to know what shall be done (or not done) in the next DVBViewer release.


I would be very helpful, if a lot of people would join in testing the plugin - especially people who experienced that the DVBViewer 2.0 R2 recordings were rejected by other software (e.g. DVD authoring) or not played by DVD players - and post some feedback here.


The plugin's MPG output is more DVD compliant now. In case of AC3 recordings, it writes a DVD-like substream-header, that should solve problems with playback and DVD authoring (e.g. TMPGEnc). Since PVAStrumento doesn't like this additional header, it can be switched off on the Specials Tab (I've already sent a mail to the author of PVAStrumento because of this...)


Additionally there is a "Write All Pack Headers" option on the Specials Tab, that is switched off by default. You may switch it on in order to let the recorder plugin insert DVD-compliant pack headers into MPG files more frequently than the DVBViewer does.


Recording with the plugin is quite simple, as you will see - most of the user interface is very similar to the DVBViewer's. If you use Marfi's filter, you may alternatively try its built-in recorder function for MPG and PVA (which the DVBViewer does not use), by checking the according plugin option. However, Marfi's recorder works independently from the plugin and is not affected by the plugin options (e.g. smart buffering).


I had in mind to provide a ReadMe for the enhanced transport stream (TS) recording capabilities of the plugin, that are more complicated than "normal" recording and require some knowledge about DVB. In order to provide the Test Version as early as possible, I will add this a bit later...



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Wünsche für den TS-mode :blink:


1. gesamten mux

..der kreis schliesst sich. seit heute gibt es auch was dür den gesamten transponder stream ausserhalb von Skyview von marfi :( ..nennt sich TSDump und ist in form einer dll verfügbar. Mit einer kleinen exe ist es unabhängig vom verwendeten SS2 programm. Der eingestellte transponder wird gesamt (naja fast, denn 0x1fff fehlt hardwarebedingt). Mit dem windows taskmanager habe schon eine timer aufnahme gemacht B)

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