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DVBViewer is out


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we published a new version which is (even if the version skip does not look a like this) a milestone and brings us closer to the version ;)

We made a lot of new things and for the very first time i was even forced to upload the changelog in a seperate file! [edit]I managed it :blink:. Lars [/edit]




DVBViewer Pro 3.9.4


  • General

  • New: new Video On Demand Filter (VOD).

  • New: Version of the DVBSource filter added.

  • New: DesktopTV: Changed the DesktopTV method to work with vista64.

  • New: Recently used Channels list (deutsch: Kanalhitparade) does show only the last 10 recently used channels (channe lhistory). They are saved and restored on next start. To disable this see options -> TV+Radio.

  • New: A new config file named "userdata.xml" is used. It contains all user private data (channel history, url history etc.) and will not be included in a support.zip.

  • New: Actions.ini: Added action "Power Off".

  • New: Actions.ini: Added action "Reboot".

  • New: New symbolset "nightlife" for the toolbuttons. Thanks @Rago.

  • New: The "radlight audioselect" plugin is not supported anymore. Instead an internal version is used (thanks @griga).

  • New: Infofile for recordings: the used device is now written to the infofile.

  • New: Stop and deleting running recordings, which are played back, will result in a playback stop so the file can be deleted correctly.

  • New: Deleting recordings while playing them back will result in playback stop so the file can be deleted correctly.

  • New: the hint window now uses the setting for windows hint font.

  • Fix: Favourites: Fixed a problem with more than 99 favorites in a group.

  • Fix: Visuals: Fixed visuals ignored the OSD-Offsets.

  • Fix: ATSC - CC some fixes by Christian.

  • Fix: Rebuild Graph: the audiochannel display was not updated correctly.

  • Fix: Non Admin Users: a multiple DVBViewer installation didn't work because the COM server tried to register itself with not enough rights.

  • Fix: Removed MultiCPU activation from playback start of the renderer and put it in a better place.

  • Change: DVB-Subtitles: tweaked and optimized a little bit.

  • Change: Screenshot: Filenames are now calculated in a better way.

  • Change: graphedit now shows the device name instead of "BDA Tuner".

  • Change: Weatherdata is now received again. If you don't use the default skin, you need an updated OSD-Skin for it, otherwise you get a warning. For OSD-Designers: You need to integrate a 61x61 button with the ID 500.

  • Updated language files.

  • Updated OSD-Skin.

  • A lot more fixes and optimizations.

  • VMR7/9, EVR

  • New: EVR: optimizations/corrections in zoom handling.

  • New: VMR7/9/EVR: Reworked the OSD zoom handling.

  • New: VMR7/9 windowed mode (aka VMRFix): optimizations/corrections in zoom handling.

  • Fix: VMR7/9: fixed bug: OSD disappears if the DVBViewer window is moved from one monitor to another on multimonitor system.

  • Fix: On some Chinese channels the aspect ratio was not detected correctly.

  • Fix: Aspect ratio handling of VMR/EVR.

  • Channel handling

  • New: Channel names with more than 25 chars are possible. You need to input them manually or do an update channel scan to get them into a present channel list.

    Please check your favorites and timers if you change the channel names!

  • New: The Audio track per channel, Volume per channel and EPG-settings (EIT, intern, extern) are no longer stored in the database. Instead it is stored in the channels.dat.

    On first start the old settings are converted and the database tables removed. The handling for the users does not change.

    If you use the recording service (<1.4.x) you'll need the current version.

  • File playback

  • New: Audio track selection with haali mediasplitter (thanks @Griga).

  • New: H.264 and AC3 in m2ts (Blueray) files can be played back with the DVBSource. (Thanks @Griga).

  • Fix: Jumping over the end of a growing file (recording) caused a stop in playback.

  • Fix: Several enhancements for file playback with multiCPUs.

  • Fix: Playback of a running recording with "Use DVBSource for file playback" deactivated caused an error message. Now the DVB-Source is always used in such cases.

  • Fix: TS/MPEG playback without DVBSource showed the wrong audio track count.

  • Fix: TS/MPEG playback without DVBSource miscalculated the aspect ratio.

  • Fix: video playback did not take EVR into account.

  • Fix: Fixed playback of MPEG/TS files without DVBSource filter.

  • Wizard

  • New: If no "setup.xml" is found the wizard is started automatically.

  • New: Added "EVR" to renderer selection.

  • New: Added "DVB-S2 capable device" and "new tuning method" to hardware page.

  • New: Added "Display warning on channel change if timeshift is enabled" to the timeshift page.

  • Remove: Removed Audio renderer selection.

  • Fix: The wizard counted audio subchannels as channels on scanning.

  • PiP

  • New: handling: sound swap = OSD-Red, picture swap = OSD-Green. the number keys are not used anymore.

    You can reactivate the old (number keys) handling via OSD-Blue -> Key move Mode. This option is persistent.

  • New: Vista: if VMR9 is not selected in the preview options the PiP uses EVR as default.

  • New: PiP is not closed anymore if fast channel switching is not activated.

  • New: PiP is not closed anymore on starting media playback. Sound can be exchanged, video not.

  • New: when swapping channels no mini EPG is shown anymore. When audio is swapped the saved volume level of the main channel will be ignored.

  • New: AAC is supported.

  • Fix: close PiP disabled sometimes the volume in the main window.

  • Hardware

  • New: If a BDA device is unplugged (usb/firewire/pci) before/while DVBViewer is running, it will be marked internally as not available and is not used.

    If it is plugged in again, it will marked as available and is used if required.

    To make this work, the device has to be in the hardware list of the DVBViewer.

    ATTENTION: Avoid removing devices while in use for recording/liveTV. Some drivers can cause the system and the DVBViewer to crash (fireDTV (firewire) is quite unforgiving

  • New: If a error occurs while trying to open a device, the device is ignored and the viewer will try to find another fitting device.

  • New: If a device can not be opened/started (because it is used by another software) the DVBViewer tries to find another usable device.

  • New: New Device and Tunertype: DVB-IPTV. For channel scanning please use the DVB-IPTV Transedit beta from the members area!

    To add the device to the DVBViewer edit the usermode.ini in the DVBViewer program folder:



    start the DVBViewer and do a manual device scan in the hardware options. Remember to setup the device correctly!

    Known issue: The IP is not displayed as readable IP in the channel editor and the scan window.

  • New: Support for Devolo dLAN TV Sat adapter

  • Change: KNC BDA Device. Integrated new KNCBDACTRL.dll. Should fix the problem 2KNC / 2CAMs. DO NOT MIX THIS DLL WITH AN OLDER DVBViewer VERSION!!

  • Change: BDA devices: Tweaked the simple DiseqC handling for some cards.

  • Fix: BDA device/TT CI: Fix for wrong MMI elements count calculation.

  • Fix: BDA/TT devices: fixed the initializing CAM only works in one out of two times problem.

  • Fix: Reworked collision handling between encrypted and FTA channels on the same transponder.

  • Fix: CI-Support: Fixed AAC was not taken into account when building the caPMT.

  • Channel list window

  • New: Now audio substreams are marked as selected instead of always the main channel.

  • New: Can tune Filter: If activated it will applied permanently not only on recordings. Filters DVB-S2 channels, if no DVB-S2 card is present ect.

  • New: The channel lists now synchronize their filter settings instandly.

  • New: On entering the search criteria field with a mouse click the entry is selected. Double clicking the entry will clear the search.

  • Fix: Double click handling rewritten. closing a channel folder with double click shouldn't cause anymore channel switching.

  • Channel editor window

  • New: changing the channel groups can be done for whole channel folders via the right click context menu.

  • Fix: empty audio folders are displayed and items can be dropped into them.

  • Fix: Reloading the channel list via transedit did not update the channel editor.

  • Fix: Assigning DiseqC setting for a group of channels did not work for subchannels correctly.

  • Fix: Changing the encrypted status for the main channel did not update the subchannels correctly.

  • DVD Playback

  • Fix: DVD subtitles and menus work with vista.

  • Fix: Changing the audio stream via OSD resulted in a redundant audio menu display.

  • fix: AC3Filter sometimes connected as videodecoder.

  • OSD

  • New: EPG events within the time frame of a timer are displayed in a different color.

  • New: OSD-Zoom settings: Reworked remote/keyboard handling. See OSD help page (OSD-Blue -> help).

  • Fix: OSD-Zoom settings: Fixed some bugs. H/V was mixed up. Default didn't work correctly, Recall didn't show the current zoom preset.

  • New: OSD Delete File Dialog: Filenames are now shortened the windows way.

  • New: OSD-Play list: the album images are now shown.

  • New: OSD Thumbnail images: reworked search for fitting image strategy for music files.

    1. search picture with name of file with extension changed to jpg.

    2. If 1. failed search for "folder.jpg" in the folder of the file.

    3. NEW: If 2. failed search for any jpg file in the folder of the file.

    For folder images the procedure starts at 2.

  • New: the Menu Control has a new attribute "SelectedColor", ignored if 0 or not present, otherwise shows the focused text of the menu control in this color.

  • New: The Label Control has a new attribute "Shadowcolor". Default is black ($FF000000).

  • New: In the OSD audiomenus the current audio track is shown as selected.

  • New: The OSD-Recording list is now sorted descending on order by date.

  • New: OSD Channel window: "favGroup.png" and "channelGroup.png" will be shown in front of the Group dividers in the OSD-Channel list if they exists in then OSD Skin Images folder.

  • New: OSD Audioformats: Two new pictures for audio formats added to "#TV.audio.pic": "audio_AAC.png" and "audio_DTS.png"

  • New: OSD DataTag: New tags:

    "#remain" contains the remaining time for fileplayback/LiveTV.

    "#TV.Timeshift.remain" contains the remaining time for timeshift. This tag existed before but the previous use was not very useful.

  • New: Added entry "Reboot" to the extended exit OSD menu.

  • Fix: Crash on exiting DVBViewer while radarimage from weather page was active.

  • Fix: Newsfeeds update: no more delays if page is not reachable.

  • Fix: OSD-Timeline: The templates for channel name and time are now correctly used. You can also influence if the second data row is shown by deleting the templates (ID: 23 and 30).

  • Fix: Pin entry window: does work again.

  • Fix: Mini EPG: Fixed no data available shown after starting the DVBViewer.

  • Options

  • New: DirectX options: VMR7/VMR9 windowless mode (aka NO VMRFix): a new option added "YUV Mixing mode". Can be used instead of VMRFix.

    Does use DXVA if possible and does handle the OSD the "normal" way (means the OSD is not limited to the video area).

  • New: Recordings: New option "Adjust PAT/PMT".

    If activated this options causes the DVBViewer to generate a PAT and PMT in TS recordings, which does reflect the present streams.

    The PAT only contains the recorded service and the PMT only the recorded ES Streams.

    This option may help with playback hardware/software which is not able to cope with the unchanged Tables of a TS.

  • New: Recording options: the recording folders can be sorted via drag'n'drop.

  • New: Actions editor: the entries can be sorted via drag'n'drop.

  • New: News options: the entries can be sorted via drag'n'drop.

  • New: System options: current Username button inserts the username into the taskscheduler field.

  • New: Virtual folder options: 'Musicfiles', 'VideoFiles', 'Pictures' have a new entry “Defaultview'. It determinates which view (list, small, big thumbnails) will be used as default.

  • New: General options: Added several screenshot settings to the page. You can select the format the screenshot is saved in and how the screenshot name is generated.

  • New: Moved the Picture extensions setting into the Picture General page.

  • New: OSD Menu options: shows the translated text of the menu items.

  • New: Timeshift options: free disk space is shown for the selected timeshift folder.

  • Change: DirectX options: Changed name of video renderer "unchanged" in "system default renderer".

  • Change: Changed the naming of the options in the Network devices settings dialog to more meaningful text.

  • Fix: Changing the OSD skin in the options now triggers a graph rebuild on VMR/EVR mode.

  • EPG Window and Handling

  • New: EPG Window: Timeline now shows EPG entries which fit a planned recording in red.

  • New: Several improvement for Chinese and other languages with non western charset in the EPG window.

  • New: Chinese EPG for Taiwan.

  • New: EPG Window: if "show recording window after programming" is selected in the options the last added EPG entry via "send to PVR" is selected in the recording window.

  • Fix: Send to PVR from Timeline did ignore the audios ubchannels.

  • Fix: EGP Window: fixed bug in TVGuide, it got sometimes confused with audio subchannels.

  • Tweaks

  • New: close OSD channellist is now per default true. See tweaks.txt.

  • New: "closeRecWin" and "CloseEPGwin" added (see tweaks.txt). "closeRecWin" determinates if the OSD is closed after selecting a recording for playback. "CloseEPGWin" determinates if the osd is closed after selecting channel in one of the EPG windows.

  • New: MultiCPU workaround (see tweaks.txt).

  • Scan window

  • Fix: Channelscan with Update: channels without audiostream where simply added instead of updated.

  • Change: Scan window: Shows now more entries in the drop down lists.

  • Netstreaming Plugin

  • New: settings handling. Settings are now saved in the user data folder "/plugins/netstreaming.ini". Old settings will be converted on first use.

  • New: The auto discovery service is enabled as default now.

  • New: PAT/PMT Adjustment integrated. Is not active if stream whole transponder is selected.

  • DVBServer

  • New: Added external CI Support to DVBServer.

  • New: The auto discovery service is enabled as default now.

  • Change: The hardware handling is up to date with the one from DVBViewer.

  • Several fixes and optimizations.

  • VOD Filter

  • VOD: ability to record transmissions

  • VOD: Support for Shoutcast Streams in MP3, AAC format (scast://channel description)

  • VOD: Support for multimedia files receiption in pull mode (e.g. AVI Videos)

  • VOD: Support for record lastfm://- LastFM Radio Streams (lastfm://user:password)


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