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Moonlight/Elecard decoder 2.2

Guest Oliver

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There's a new version 2.2 beta of the Moonlight/Elecard decoder pack. You need to register with a valid e-mail for download. The new demultiplexer is said to be able to connect to more decoders now.


Bye, Oliver

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Well. It was a pain in the a**e to get that file.

You have to register with a valid! email-adress. :blink:

Then a short time later they send you a personal password.

Then you must login. This only worked with IE (through activex?!).

Then the download first failed.

Then you install the program.

Then you need to register.

Then a personal code is calculated.

With this personal code you have to activate the program online.

In this process they transmit 'some' data from your pc to their server.

This procedure is necessary again for every install.

Then you can try the program for 21 days...


And I couldn't find a big step forward from v2.1


So here is my advice:

Go to their site and grab yourself v2.1 as long as it is still available.

Reason: v2.1 has none of this high-security/rightsmanagement - stuff.

Just download and install -> ready.


And make sure to put this file in your personal archive, as you might need the splitter or the odiodecoder one day.

And then you'll be happy that you don't need to get yourself this nasty version 2.2


Evaluation Download



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