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DVBViewer 4.0


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We finally made it before xmas :) A new version is available and the changes can be read in the changelog.



PS: Before overstressing the server: Only the files signed as "today" are updated - there is no need to download everything!


DVBViewer Pro 4.0


Only for update installations:

Please do a rescan of your dvb devices (either by deleting the hardware.xml or by doing a manual rescan in the hardware options of the DVBViewer)!



  • New: USB CI (Hauppauge/Terratec) support completely rewritten: does work now with every DVB device. Thanks @Terratec for their support.
    Activate it in the hardware options by first selecting the DVB device and then the external CI.
  • Change: BDA direct tuning mode: In direct tuning mode an internal network provider is now used instead the MS NP. This will help with the $FFFFFFF Error on some x64 Vista systems.
    If this doesn't work for you, you can force the use of the old MS NP method by adding
    <entry name="useMSNP">1</entry>

    to the device entry in the hardware.xml.

  • Fix: KNC Cards and multiple CAMs: Fixed ignoring all cards except DVB-S. Please rescan your hardware in the options if you use more than one KNC ONE DVB-C Card with CAM.
  • New: Added support for Cinergy HTC USB XS HD. (You might have to delete your hardware.xml to re-detect it properly)
  • New: Added channel groups D-H. Attention: If a hardware.xml is present they are NOT automatically active but have to be activated manually in the hardware options.
  • New: Hybrid Tuner Support (HVR & Co). Please delete your hardware.xml in the userdata folder, so the DVBViewer does a new hardware scan.
  • New: Detection of "Mystique" cards as KNC.
  • New: Detection of the Pinnacle card as TT.
  • New: support for turbosight devices.
  • New: support for tevii devices including DVB-S2 parameter setting.
  • New: support for tongshi devices.
  • New: support for dvbworld devices.
  • New: support for Hauppauge DVB-C hybrid card.
  • Fix: Tuning problems with Yakumo-Sticks.
  • Fix: Shared LNB configurations should work now correctly.
  • Back: Twinhan WDM is back (for now).


  • Fix: "bring to front" problem should be solved.
  • Change: Set the charset to default charset in all windows.
  • New: New symbols by Rago for the statusbar Audio and Video format.
  • Fix: Aspect ratio text in the statusbar is visible again, if the aspect ratio is not one of the predefined.
  • Change: Reworked program icon by rago.
  • Fix: Commandline param -c serviceID was ignored.
  • New: The trayicon hint now shows the filename on file playback.
  • Fix: Userdata.xml was not saved, if channel history was deactivated.
  • Fix: PMT PID change in Auto update was ignored.
  • Fix: Browse for folder dialogue didn't use the current folder.
  • New: the toolbutton for the display settings now does show a submenu with the three possible choices.
  • New: Instant recording toolbutton. Implemented the instant recording popup menu for running instant recordings from the DVBViewer GE.
  • New: CI: automatic parental control PIN (Jugendschutz PIN) entry. The PIN must be put into the userdata.xml:
      <section name="CAM">
      <entry name="PIN">1234</entry>

  • Fix: Fixed Multimonitor problem with disappearing control panel in the main window.
  • Fix: Timeshift: fixed problems with timeshift and disableAV.
  • Change: Timers: timers.xml is now saved on adding/deleting timers.
  • Change: On disableAV the playback graph is now stopped.
  • Fix: Timeshift: If a timeshift folder with insufficient user rights was selected, timeshift did not work and blocked the DVBViewer.
  • New: Timeshift filenames now contain the channel name.
  • Fix: Handling of Slovak EPG improved.
  • Updated: Language files.
  • Several small enhancements and fixes.


  • New: Recording of ITV HD: The wrong video descriptor is automatically adjusted.
  • New: You can activate logging of (discontinuity) errors into a separate log file (see Options-> recordings).
  • New: You can activate extended logging of format changes to a separate log file. This only works if the above logging is activated too. Take notice this function does cost some CPU power (see Options-> recordings).
  • New: You can now define minimal free disc space for recordings.
  • Fix: %title didn't work in recording names.
  • New: added a check for enough rights in the recording folder. If no writing rights are granted the default recording folder is used.
  • Fix: fix for PTS jumps in the stream can make mpeg recordings useless.


  • Fix: OSD Timeline: Fixed problems when removing the text field.
  • Change: OSD Timeline: Details are shown also on mouseclick.
  • Change: OSD Timeline: changing channels by clicking/pressing enter on the left side channels.
  • Change: OSD Timeline: OSD-OK on a program entry now shows the details of the program.
  • Change: Ch+/Ch- works as PageUp/PageDown in OSD lists and menus.
  • New: OSD notice on toggling keep timeshift On/Off.
  • Fix: Empty or not ready drives do not cause a Windows error dialog anymore in the OSD.
  • New: On format detection are several new data tags set:
    • #TV.video.pic
    • #TV.video.vres
    • #TV.video.hres
    • #TV.video.framerate
    • #TV.video.type

DVBViewer Filter support

  • Add: Added support for DVB Clock in the DVBViewer. For more information see DVBSource ReadMe.rtf.
  • New: MP3-Playback with the DVBViewer Filter (Version 3.2.0+). Activate this in Options -> DirectX -> Use DVBViewer Filter for MP3.
  • New: Playback of non encrypted M2TS-files (BluRay-fileformat) with the DVBViewer Filter (Version 3.2.0+), including all for BluRay defined Video/Audio-formats, if there is a fitting decoder in the system. Activate this in Options -> DirectX -> Use DVBViewer Filter for TS/M2TS.
  • New: Playback of non encrypted VOB-files (DVD-fileformat) with the DVBViewer Filter, including all for Video-DVDs defined Video/Audio formats, if there is a fitting decoder in the system. Activate this in Options -> DirectX -> Use DVBViewer Filter for MPG/VOB.
  • Removed: Support for user defined filter graph files if the DVBViewer filter is used.

MKV files and subtitles

  • New: Playback of MKV-files with subtitles.
    To use Subtitles you need the following:
    1. The Haali Mediasplitter must be installed.
    2. ffdshow must be the active decoder and in the ffdshow video decoder configurations the options "Subtitles", "Accept embedded subtitles" and "Accept SSA, ASS and ASS2 subtitles" are activated.
      or (more reliable)
    3. The DirectVobSub-Filter is installed and in the property page of the Haali Splitters in Options -> Compatibility -> Autoload VSFilter "Yes" is selected. The DVBViewer does not load DirectVobSub by itself, because if it is used, the decoder can not use the hardware supported decoding.

Decoder/Renderer Configuration

  • New: Completely reworked the Options -> DirectX page.
  • New: Decoder and Renderer input does use now a unified mask (affects DirectX, PiP and DVD).
  • New: Split PiP options from the mosaic preview options.
  • New: You can specify a MP3 Decoder in the Options -> DirectX Audio settings.
  • Removed: Postprocessor in the DirectX settings. Please use the Postprocessor plugin from the members page.
  • New: In Options -> DirectX you can configure two sets of different Videodecoders/Videorenderers (Video A/;) and Audiodecoders/Audiorenderers (Audio A/B). Switching between these settings can be done manually or automatically:
    1) Manually: You find the commands in the main menu -> Settings or you can define keys in Options -> input for it.
    Switching between the sets does trigger a rebuild graph.
    2) Automatically: In Options -> DirectX you find on the tab sheet "Video B" and "Audio B" edit boxes labeled "Auto B-Conditions". The following conditions (if you use more than one, separate them by a "," without the ") can be used here:
    File (file playback)
    Video (Playback with Video)
    H.264 (H.264 Video)
    MPEG2 (MPEG2 Video)
    DVBSource (DVBViewer Filter is used)
    A Slash / in front means "not" (Negation, example: /File = TV/Radio (not file)). The automatic switching to Set B happens, if all listed conditions are met, otherwise the DVBViewer uses Set A. If you define auto-conditions the manual switching is disabled.
    Some examples:
    • Using Vista you want for H.264 Video the EVR otherwise the Overlay Mixer to be used. In Video A you set the Overlay Mixer, in Video B you select EVR and as condition you set "H.264".
    • H.264-Playback with the DVBViewer Filter should use the Cyberlink Decoder (Video A), otherwise ffdshow (Video B ), this is useful for H.264 in MKV-file, which the DVBViewer Filter doesn't handle. The needed condition would be "H.264,/DVBSource".
    • Playback of video files should use ReClock Audiorenderer, for the rest (TV/Radio and audio only playback) Default DirectSound (Audio A). In Audio B you set ReClock as renderer and use the condition "Video,File".

Automatic Selection of a AC3-Audiotrack

  • New: Options -> General -> Prefer AC3-audio. If activated the DVBViewer does automatically select the AC3 audio track for file/DVD playback if available.

Video/Audio-Format, DVD

  • New: Quick info of current Video/Audio type if you move the mouse cursor over the aspect ratio or audio format field in the status bar.
  • Improved: Format detection on playbacks without DVBViewer Filter. Video/Audio types and Format parameters are more precisely detect.
  • Changed: Playback without the DVBViewer Filter does not connect unused Output Pins of the Splitter/Demultiplexer-Filter with the Nullrenderer anymore, because this caused problems with the Haali Splitter and the MPC Mpeg Splitter.
  • New: Support for EAC3 (you need a fitting audio decoder). For more information see the DVBSource ReadMe.rtf.
  • Change: The audio track selection for DVD shows more informations.
  • New: Graph rebuild and DVD playback work now.
  • New: Graph rebuild and file playback work now.
  • Fix: TTX only ts streams did not play correctly.

Several windows

  • Change: Several windows: right click in a list/treeview does now select the entry under the mouse cursor.
  • Change: Channeleditor: right click selects the underlying entry.
  • Change: Channeleditor: click outside the channellist de-selects the last selection. important for export.
  • Fix: Channeleditor : exporting of sub channels in the channel editor does work now.
  • New: Channellistpopup: activate in options/TV+Radio. Do not use together with remote or Keyboard! Experimental, handle with care!
  • Fix: The EPG window is shown even if no EPG is available/present.
  • Change: EPG Window: recorder window can be open via popup menu.
  • Fix: Chinese language support in the EPG window and in partially in the OSD.
    You may have to edit the fonts.xml in the OSDSkin/[yourusedskin] folder.
    It might also be necessary to adjust some OSD elements in the XML definitions, if the text is too big and doesn't show up.
    OSD support is (for now) limited, because some things need a lot of changes...
  • Change: Recorder window: EPG window can be opened via popup menu.
  • Change: Removed the save button in the recorder window. Update does save now the changes.
  • Fix: Toggling the channellist visible/invisible in the recording/epg window did block resizing of the channellist.
  • Fix: DiseqC window: sanity check of entered values in the position and diseqc window.
  • Change: Color/Brightness/Contrast window is only selectable if the driver reports that it can handle these settings.
  • Fix: Color/Brightness with INTEL graphics cards: fixed wrong default values for INTEL graphics cards. Thanks @Griga.

Options and Settings

  • New: OSD-Options: added an option to disable the automatic OSD-menu scrolling if the mouse is in the "hotzones" of it.
  • Updated the wizard, scan window, hardware options and channel editor window with the additional channel groups.
  • Change: Timeshift and recording folders are checked for sufficient rights on adding in the options.
  • Fix: Recordings were under certain circumstances registered several times on refreshing the database.
  • Fix: Under certain circumstances a exception did break the import of recordings into the database.
  • Change: Removed the default folder selection for the audio/video/picture shares.

DVB Subtitles

  • Change: DVBSubtitles are now shown with the intended transparency.
  • Change: Thanks to Griga the DVB subtitles now are shown "just in time" instead of "sometimes". Also a fix for too late finnish subtitles is included. They are now shown as soon as they arrive, if they are overdue.

Freesat EPG

  • New: Support for FreeSAT EPG on Astra 28.
    FreeSAT EPG is handled like MHW EPG. So you have to activate it in the options and put the correct frequency (11428 h) into the options list.
    Additionally you need the "Complete Tables" file from http://www.rst38.org.uk/vdr/ .
    The files freesat.t1 and freesat.t2 must be extracted into the DVBViewer program folder.


  • New: New action "Show Current Info". Shows/Hides the current epginfo or recording info (if played back). You can use it via an custom input command.
  • New: Action: Show Radio list=8265
  • New: Added FMenuClickPercent to tweaks.txt
  • New: EVR: if activated (see tweaks -> EVRVideoprocessor) the video processor for EVR will be set. The first item of the video processor list of the driver will be always used, as this is according to MS the best choice (Vista only).


  • Fix: COM: Mute doesn't work as expected.
  • New: Several enhancements on the COM Interface.
  • Fix: Importing the COM tlb in Visual Studio should now work without problems.
  • Fix: All playback starts are send via COM. Careful, Pause does not send a play backstop but you get a playback start on playing again.


  • Updated the hardware engine to the latest version.
  • Added support for extended channel groups

VOD Filter

  • New: ID3 tag are written to mp3 recordings with the VOD Filter.
  • New: Cover pictures (if available) are downloaded and shown in the OSD (lastfm).
  • New: Cover pictures (if available) are downloaded and saved with recordings (lastfm).
  • New: The %title tag in the recording name will be replaced with the album name (if available).
  • Fix: Problems in VOD filter caused by changes in the web pages of the list provider.
  • Fix: Shoutcast and other streaming sources now show meaningful audio data.
  • Fix: LastFM skip does work now.

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