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"Null" channel type

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Is there any chance of implementing some kind of null channel? Basically a placeholder that isn't used for anything other than filling in gaps in the EPG. The idea I have is that such a channel never attempts to tune, is ignored by the EPG, is ignored when doing a channel up/down etc.


It would allow you to have gaps in the numbering of channels which allows you to number channels as per the Freeview EPG. This is important to UK users, because we historically have channels on certain numbers.


For the UK for example you could have:

0 - {null}

1 - BBC One

2 - BBC Two

3 - ITV1

4 - Channel 4

5 - Five

6 - ITV2

7 - BBC Three

8 - {null}

9 - BBC Four



Without null channels the best you can do is:

0 - BBC One

1 - BBC Two

2 - ITV1

3 - Channel 4

4 - Five

5 - ITV2

6 - BBC Three

7 - BBC Four


(and all channels are on the "wrong" number)


I have been able to do this with the current version of DVBViewer (described here) by copying an existing channel and ticking the "Exclude from EPG" box and then only adding the "real" channels to Favourites. It would be nice to have a type of channel that is completely ignored.


I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be to implement this, and my solution works fine for now, it's just a bit kludgy.

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