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0 Channels Found - Can't figure this out...


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I have DVBViewer 4.0 - just bought it today. I am using it with my PCI-based FloppyDTV-S2 card under Windows XP SP2 using the BDA Drivers that came with my DVB card.


I am trying to scan the FTA satellites in North America, e.g. Galaxy 3C, Galaxy 18, etc. I have a motorized dish with a Linear LNB. DVBViewer is doing a good job of powering my motor. When I go to scan, it is sending the dish to the proper location every time and I'm getting good signal strength. However, when I scan, I always get no channels found. I've tried scanning all frequencies, individual frequencies, and with both DVBViewer itself and TransEdit 3.3.0. I've double-checked the transponder settings in Lyngsat to make sure they are correct - no luck.


Can anyone help me? I've attached my support.zip file.






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Sorry. I just realized that I stated that my card is PCI-based in my original post. This is not the case. The FloppyDTV-S2 fits into a PCI slot, but it is actually connected via the Firewire port on my PCI-based SoundBlaster Audigy card.



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