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DVB Viewer Channel Editor

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Hi all.

When I scan the trasponder using Transedit I am always unhappy about the channel order provided by the exported list.

So I decided to write a little Java application yo modify this order on my needs.

This application needs the latest version of Java installed, the user interface is in english or italian based on the locale of the virtual machine.

However it is possible to define a new localized version changing the file included in the second attachment.

If anybody defines a new localization I'll be glad to include it in the application archive :)


I hope you enjoy my little job B)


For any problem/bug/request don't hesitate to post here.

The application provide a rudimental log mechanism, if it does not work you can attach the log file so I'll be able to analyze and solve the issue.


This is the link of the application.



... And this is the link of the property file that contains all the sentences used on the user interface (not necessary for the application to work, it is already included in the first archive)





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I'll give it a go, thanks for sharing this with the community.




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Ok, waiting for feedback :wacko:

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I upload a new version due to the modified structure of ini file.

Hi deggesim :blush: ! Can you explain a little what this does compared to the built in channel editor? Does it able you to sort alphabetically and by transponder as the current editor cannot do?

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Sorting is not implemented.

The only way to sort channel list is to make it manually.... Or edit channelList.ini in the way you prefer :blush:

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this is not good edior

if you want edit fav or create fav list u most hard work with channel editor


and this editor need java for run


in see this post DVBViewer developer pls create new channel editor for this player



for example


in dvbdream if u want add channel to fa only you most click right and add channel to fav


but in DVBViewer click right and add to fav not good work




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