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Commandline Plugin/Create Timer


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Commandline Plugin 1.2


CLI to create timers in DVBViewer Pro, GE and Recordingservice. In the Membersarea.


Sorry I can't get the release notes formated correctly, so you have to read the readme here. ;)


The new parameters need the Recording service!


in deutsch

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I'm using DVBViewer 4.2.1 and this plugin (dvbv_tvg.exe).

When I use a parameter -a 4, it does not work properly. (just work as "no action")

A readme says; 4 = Close DVBViewer //not for the Recording Service

I do not use the Recording Service.

Any suggestion?

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Commandline Plugin 1.2.3 can be downloaded from the membersarea.




- Fix: Fixes for the -a parameter.


- Fix: Fixes for the detection of the running DVBViewer version.

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I've been using ths in combination with DABDig to automate the recording service from DigiGuide. Is this still the best solution? What do other people use

to make recordings from Digiguide? I find the DVBViewer EPG ususable without favourite channels, especially from satellite.

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