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Translating sentences with runtime variables


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I have another problem when translating from English.

Different languages make sentences in different ways, and the way the OSD Weather display handles wind information is a bit problematic.


It says in English:

Wind: from E at 14km/h


for this, you have in the language file words "Wind", "from" and "at" to translate. And of course the directions, like E (east).


But in Hungarian for example, the same sentence is correctly like this:

Szél: kelet irányából, 14km/h sebességgel which unfortunately doesn't fit in the interface, so you have to shorten like this:

Szél: 14km/h, K-ről


When you make a sentence in Hungarian, you put the words in a different order than in English, or German. I guess not only Hungarian's the case.


It would be better to handle translations as sentences, and substitute the values within the program. Many other softwares do it like this.

English: Wind: from %a at %b

Hungarian: Szél: %b, %a-ről


I hope you understand what I mean.


Currently I translated it into Hungarian like this:

Szél: < K < 14km/h

Which is extremely dull, and misleading: not everyone recognizes "<" as the direction. There's no other way to do it.


Is there a chance to change it?

I see that in a couple of places the method is already used, like in these cases:

37=Version: %s Date: %s

39=%d program(s) found...

40=%d program(s) updated…

41=%d channel(s) %s

However, the weather wind string needs different % variables, as it needs to be able to change position in the sentence.

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I really wonder, why noone answers my posts, questions. I've put several questions in different topics, most of them got unanswered. Is there a problem with my style, nickname? Perhaps I am unaware of something that's obvious for everyone, and that's why I don't get answers?

I thougt that feedback is appreciated, but I really don't feel that from anyone on the forum, especially from developer side...

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I agree with you. For the Russian language, such changes also shifted to favor.

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