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DVBViewer 4.1


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The new version has been released.

The following things are new:



  • Change: Adding a new virtual DVB device can be done in the hardware options window via the "+" button.
    The data now is saved to the network.xml instead of the usermode.ini. Existing data will be taken into account.
  • Fix: Problems with 120 dpi in some options windows.
  • Rework: Daemon tools (iso) options: Changes in the options needed a reload of the DVBViewer.
  • Add: Some more settings for process priority (lower than normal, higher than normal).
  • Rework: Reworked teletext options page.
  • Add: Mouse options: added "do nothing" and "zoom" to the mouse wheel functions.
  • Change: Hardware options: DVBViewer now shows "Automatic" in the network device configuration instead of "".
  • Change: Hardware options: ShareLNB can only be activated if more than one enabled DVB-S device is present.


  • Fix: HD DVBSubtitles as used by BBC HD do work now.
  • Change: Optimized memory usage of DVBSubtitles.
  • Fix: Fixed wrongly shown pixels in DVBSubtitles.

Media Playback

  • Change: VODSource. Several improvements and extensions. Now you can play mp3 and aac streams via the VODSource. If possible all usable metadata is extracted from the streams.
  • Change: Playback of streams: Several improvements on playback of streams.
    • Detection of embedded Shoutcast or ASX playlists in asx playlists (asx V.1 and V.3).
    • Detailed media description of the streams (if possible) (resolution, bitrate etc.). Works also with the ASF Reader.
    • ASF Reader: If possible all usable metadata from the stream is read. Depends on the stream provider if there are any.

    [*]Fix: VODSource: Shoutcast should work again.

    [*]Fix: Problems with ASF Playback and Vista.

    [*]Reworked: Daemon tools support reworked. Now the completion of the unmount command is detected and then the mount command is send.

    [*]Reworked: DVD Handling renovated. The selection between multiple DVD drives works now. Support for Blueray and HDDVD images and folders rips in the OSD and via drag'n'drop.

    [*]Removed: DVD Playback and Fileplayback without DVBSource now don't support custom graph files anymore.

    [*]Add: Seamless playback of (unencrypted) Blu-ray disks.

    [*]Reworked: Main movie detection of (unencrypted) Blu-ray disks.

    [*]Add: HDDVD support improved.

    [*]Update: Several internal optimization for the playback detection by griga.

    [*]Fix: Fixed detection for problematic AC3 streams.

    [*]Fix: Media playback with a not in the DVBViewer predefined aspect ratio caused a no update of the frame rate in the #Datatags.

    [*]Fix: Playback issues with Kathrain trp recordings.

    [*]Fix: Potential problem with the format detection corrected, several optimization (by griga).


  • Fix: EVR/aspect ratio change and PIP. Hopefully a solution for missing picture after a aspect ratio change and EVR.
  • Fix: EVR: A Black box stays on the screen fixed.
  • Change: Removed check for driver supports color changes.
  • Change: Brightness default is now set according to the used renderer. Should cure the Overlay too dark problem. Please reset the brightness value to default.
  • Add: Added a Shockwave/Flash renderer (experimental). You need flash installed.


  • Fix: Griga reworked the MPEG recording to make it more robust.
  • Fix: Recordings in MPEG Format with APID =0 and VPID = 0 are now changed to the TS format and the PIDs are dynamically added from the PMT.
  • Fix: Timers: minimal free disc space was not taken correctly into account if bigger than 2 GB.
  • Fix: The start recording script got called, even if the recording did not start successfully (no hardware available etc).
  • Removed: The DisableAV setting for timers is removed. Starting recording timers do not change the current setting of View → Disable Audio/Video in the main window anymore.


  • Fix: OSD Teletext: Missing text on SF2.
  • Fix: OSD, VMR/EVR and encrypted channels. As long as a channel can't be decrypted the "overlay" OSD is shown in case there needs to be a message displayed.
  • Fix: OSD Media windows: Not existing network shares (UNC paths) do not cause any blocking anymore on first opening of the window. For this the support for the folder.jpg files has been removed for all UNC Path shares in the root view.
  • Fix: Stopping recordings via the OSD-Blue pop up menu doesn't show the instant recording menu anymore.
  • Fix: EPG Window / OSD: Cyrillic and several other char sets are now also displayed correctly.
  • Change: Favorite Window: The window now reflects the selected favorite better by opening the favorite folder and marking the favorite, if the channel played back in the main window is a favorite.
  • Fix: Text Subtitle Window: Border color and shadow color were not properly applied.
  • Add: Extended controlling of the Recording service (needs V.
    • New menu in the OSD: OSD main menu → system → Rec service - with the following options:
      • Standby, Hibernate, Shutdown (PC): Triggers the according action in the recording service. The service does give a 30 seconds warning. In this time window all the DVBViewer clients show a dialog window, where the user can stop the action.
      • Load EPG: gets the EPG from the service.
      • Wake On LAN: Wakes the recording service PC (even from Soft-Off). The PC must be configured to accept WOL.
        Important: The DVBViewer needs to have at least once contact with the service PC to get it's MAC address.

      These functions are also accessible via actions (see actions.ini). This menu is only available, if you configured the Recording Service connection properly.


You might have to do a manual rescan of the hardware devices, if you do an update installation.

  • Add: DVB-S2 Detection of Twinhan/Technisat/Terratec devices improved.
  • Fix: Terratec XE MKII DVB-T (AfaTech-AF9015-DVB-T-Sticks) devices do not need the low bandwidth option anymore if connected to a USB 2.0 port. Will be configured automatically.
  • Add: Support for Pinnacle PCTV 380e/510e DVB-C hybrid.
  • Add: Support for Turbosight clones.
  • Add: Support for TerraTex XE MK II clones.
  • Add: Twinhan WDM support back again.
  • Fix: Hybrid tuner handling: Fixed some issues.
  • Change: BDA-Devices: The search for the BDA_RECEIVER_COMPONENT fitting for the device to open reworked. In most cases it works without the SkipComponent hack (it is still there but if possible ignored). This should fix the problems with two or more Twinhan/Technisat/Terratec S2 devices.
  • Add: DiseqC for BDA DVBWorld device.
  • Add: Basic support for Genpix WDM devices.

DiSEqC 1.1/1.2

  • New: Completely rewritten DiSEqC 1.1 / 1.2 support (only for DVB-S devices allowing to send DiSEqC raw commands), which means support for motorized dishes and cascaded DiSEqC elements (uncommitted switches, positioner behind a switch). All thanks to griga.
  • New: DiSEqC Editor ("DiSEqC expert mode"). Allows to assign user-defined DiSEqC command sequences to a satellite position - as you will see - much more conveniently than with the DiSEqC Editor of DVBViewer Pro and earlier versions.
  • Removed: Positioner Console, please use Transedit 3.3+ for this. It is much better suited.
    For details please read the DiSEqC instructions:

UniCable support

  • Added: Experimental UniCable support according to the EN50494 standard. (What is UniCable? English Deutsch).
    Please note: UniCable will only work with TechnoTrend and FireDTV DVB-S/S2 devices. Other device drivers don't provide the means for UniCable support yet. In case of a TechnoTrend device the file ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll (optionally installed with DVBViewer Pro) must be present in the program directory.
    UniCable support is activated by inserting two lines in the appropriate device section of the file hardware.xml, while the DVBViewer is closed.
    The UniCable entries must look like this:

    <entry name="Slot">N</entry>
    <entry name="SlotFrequency">FFFF</entry>

    where N is the slot number (0..7) and FFFF the slot frequency (intermediate frequency, IF) in MHz on which different transponders are routed to the receiver. Example:

    <entry name="Slot">6</entry>
    <entry name="SlotFrequency">1980</entry>

    You may find these values on the antenna socket. Please note: On sockets or in manuals the slots may be numbered from 1 to 8. You will have to subtract 1 in this case.
    If you want to take part in the UniCable discussion, please join in here. It's a German thread, but you may also post in English.

DVBViewer as a network client of the Recording Service.

Needs Recording service

In this scenario the DVBViewer connects as a client via the unicast network device to the Recording Service. All recordings are done by the Recording Service (except instant timers), the recordings are centralized on the server and the data of the Recording Service (timers, EPG, recordings) is integrated seamless into the DVBViewer Pro.

Important: Make sure you use the same channels.dat by copying it from the Recording Service to the DVBViewer userdata folder.

Please read more in the Recording Service docs.

  • Add: Options: Service Options dialog.
    • Service address and Port: The IP/Servername and the Port of the Webinterface of the Recording Service.
    • Username: The Username used for the Webinterface of the Recording Service.
    • Password: The Password used for the Webinterface of the Recording Service.
    • Test connection: Checks if the Recording Service can be accessed with the entered Username, Password and IP.
    • Download EPG from service. You can tell the viewer how many days of EPG you want to download.
      Notice: this doesn't create magically 14 days of EPG. You only get as much data as the service has gathered.
    • Send EPG programmed timers to service: If you select this option all timers you program via EPG in the EPG Window or OSD are send directly to the service.
      You can also create manual timers in the recorder window which are send to the service.
    • Connect to timer list: Enables the DVBViewer to show and edit the timer list of the Recording Service.
      Only Recording timers are listed because the DVBViewer doesn't know the other timer types.
      Not every function of the DVBViewer recorder window is supported. Recording folders, no file write and Transponder dump from the edit window do not work. Unknown timer actions or end actions are not accepted and mapped to the default values of the service.
      Notice: Instant and tuning timers are handled by the DVBViewer not by the Recording Service.
    • Connect to recordings list. This one is quite tricky and you need knowledge about the management of network shares and user rights under windows to make this work. You have to setup this function in the Service according to it's readme_svc.
    • Tuning Priority: Values 0-100. Allows to assign a priority to the DVBViewer unicast network device. So you can control which client can override the channel selection of another client.

    [*]Add: If the recording service needs the device used by a client for a recording or a client with a higher tuning priority wants the device, the DVBViewer client in question is automatically forced to do a channel change.

    [*]Add: If the recording service forces a channel change a message is shown.

    [*]Add: If the DVBViewer connects to a recording service and the channel can not be tuned because all devices are in use and none is fitting, it gets redirected to a working channel.

    [*]Add: Network CAM/MMI. The client which did the last non forced tuning request has control over the MMI.

    [*]Add: If the DVBViewer is running after Standby or Hibernate, it refreshes it's EPG from the service.


  • Add: Support for Closed Captions of dish network.
  • Fix: Premiere EPG: The EPG could fill up the whole memory if the channel Premiere Direct was tuned for a long time.
  • Fix: The COM Interface gave a wrong value for the stereo audio mode.
  • Add: EPG-Parser: Added "slv" as language identifier.
  • Add: Tweaks: MinVolume in case you can hear something even if muted, lower this value.
  • Fix: If the DVBViewer did crash while the Recording Service is running, it couldn't be started anymore (this also applies to the DVBServer, Transedit and DVBViewer GE).
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the RDS parser.
  • Change: Favorites: From now on there are no duplicate entries of channels with the same ChannelID in the favorites list allowed. They collided with the fav+/- function. Existing duplicates will be removed.
  • Add: Graph rebuild and manual Video/Audio A/B changes take now the timeshift warning setting into account.
  • Add: "Autodetect Audio/Video" will be automatically disabled if a network device is in use.
  • Change: On Standby/Hibernate in Vista the DVBViewer now closes down the playback. On waking up the last channel is tuned (if activated in the TV+Radio options). It depends of the driver of the DVB device, if this works.
  • Fix: Teletext- window → Save Dialog: it was possible to input non numbers for the page numbers.
  • Several small improvements and optimizations.


  • Change: Adding new virtual DVB device can be done in the hardware options window via the "+" button.
    The data now is saved to the network.xml instead of the usermode.ini. Existing data will be taken into account.
  • Fix: Several small cosmetic changes in the DVBServer interface.
  • Add: DVBServer: Twinhan WDM support back again.
  • Change: DVBServer now shows "Automatic" instead of "".
  • Add: ShareLNB can only be activated if more than one enabled DVB-S device is present.



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The Hotfix 4.1.1 of the DVBViewer is online.


It fixes:

- Fix: Better distinction of two identical DVB devices in a PC prevented Twinhan DTV-DVBS 878 devices from working in the DVBViewer (due to a questionable driver design).


- Fix: Wrongly shown userdata wrong message.



It is strongly recommended to install the hotfix.


If anybody gets problems with "download limit reached" please contact bernd hackbart via the email on this page.


We do appologize for the trouble caused by this.

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