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Dvb Viewer and avermedia remote control

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Hi! I´ve already bought the DVBViewer program, and i think it is the best i´ve tested. The video image is clear and fluid.


I receive the dvb signal through an avermedia decoder (AVerTV DVB-T Super 007), and I would like to be able to control DVBViewer with the avermedia remote control. I installed the avermedia plugin, but it doesn´t work (the plugin is active in "options" - input).


I tryed with the "learn" utility in "options", but when I press the "learn" button, the program ask me to change the action of a key... but it asks once, and again, and again... and the screen is fulled with this dialog window. I have to stop running DVBViewer to become to normallity again.


If I uncheck the avermedia plugin, the learn options works perfectly.


¿What can I do to use properly the avermedia remote control?


Thank U in advance (and sorry for my english).

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Same for me; note that I do not see "learn" button in DVBViewer

How DebugView could help? It prints two lines every time a key is pressed on the remote:

00000001    0.00000000    [4976]     
00000002    0.00000000    [4976] procCharMsg called    
00000003    0.20790711    [4976]     
00000004    0.20790711    [4976] procCharMsg called    
00000005    0.34388024    [4976]     
00000006    0.34388024    [4976] procCharMsg called    


Many thanks in advance. Antoine

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oops! was my fault, I thaught AVER remote keys were already mapped by the plugin.

Using "Learn On" button in Options->Input, I mapped some remote's keys to actions and now it's fine.

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