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Scrambled Flag Fixer Tool


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Attached: Scrambled_Flag_Fixer.exe 1.1, an enhanced version of a tool that I've already uploaded here some time ago.


What it does: Scrambled_Flag_Fixer patches TS recordings of (encrypted) channels that can't be played due to CAM issues.


Reason for this issue: The CAM starts decrypting a bit lazily, but resets the scrambling_flag in TS packets from the get-go though they are still encrypted, thus preventing the recorder from discarding these data packets.


When trying to play such a file the stream detection is misleaded (depending on the detection strategy). It expects certain headers in data packets that are wrongly flagged as "not scrambled", but doesn't find them, thus assuming an unknown format.


Remedy: The first x TS packets of the file must be cut off. However, cutting data off at the beginning requires copying the whole file, which may take quite a while. That's why the Scrambled Flag Fixer overwrites the data at the beginning with null packets (meant for stuffing), until it finds a valid video or MPEG audio PES header indicating unencrypted data. This method is much faster and will mostly take only one second.


How to use it: Simply drag & drop the faulty TS file on the Scrambled_Flag_Fixer icon or window.


Command line options: The Scrambled Flag Fixer accepts up to two command parameters. If one of them is -c (doesn't matter which one) and the other one a path\filename, the tool does the fixing silently. It doesn't show up, doesn't display error messages and terminates automatically after the job is done.


Risks: The tool works "in place", which means, it doesn't copy the file while changing it. If it doesn't find a valid video or MPEG audio start code, it will overwrite the whole file irreversibly with null packets. Please use a copy of your recording when trying the tool for the first time!


No-no: Don't try to fix TS files containing AC3 audio only (AC3 radio recording or such). AC3 PES start codes are the same as for (mostly) unencrypted teletext or subtitles. That's why they can't be used for 'unencrypted' detection. The file must (additionally) contain video and/or MPEG audio!


Licence: Scrambled_Flag_Fixer.exe is freeware. You may distribute it as you like, but not change it. It is provided "as it is". You use it at your own risk. If the tool spoils one of your recordings... you have been warned!


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nice, thanks.

Link is working but without download manager.

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