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DVBViewer 4.2.1


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We published a new version of the DVBViewer.



  • Add: Timeshift: It is now possible to start a recording in timeshift mode. The timeshift timer converts the timeshift from the current shown timeshift position on to a "normal" recording file. Exception: The actual timeshift position = LiveTV (at the very end of the timeshift buffer) in this case a normal instant recording is started.
    • The conversion runs as fast as possible till it reaches the end of the timeshift buffer. If the end is reached the data is converted as soon as it arrives in the timeshift buffer.
    • It is a real timer. All settings (format etc) apply. Exception: Only the current audio track is recorded (timeshift does only buffer the current audio track).
    • If timeshift is stopped the timer is stopped.
    • If a timeshift timer is active you get a warning on channel switching, even if the option is deactivated. Channel switching stops timeshift ? timer stops.
    • If available the EPG data corresponding to the timeshift time is used for the recording.
    • The instant recording popup menu works also for timeshift timers. Notice: the times apply to the current time not the timeshifted time.
    • The timeshift timers are visible in all the timer lists.
    • The timeshift timers are never saved into the timers.xml.

Scan window

  • Fix: ATSC: Channel scan works correct now. Big thanks @antdude for testing.
  • Fix: ATSC AC3 detection.
  • Fix: The "updated channels" display is now reset on scan start.
  • Fix: The heading in the info area did not use the default charset.
  • Add: Inactive channels with entries only in the SDT can be added. You have to disable the "Active channels only" Option. Also channels with no video and audio are regarded as inactive.
  • Some changes in the handling.
    • If an existing root folder is selected the channels already present are updated and new ones are added. You can disable the adding of new found channels by enabling "Update only".
    • If you enter a new root folder or leave it empty all channels are added as new to the new root folder. If the root folder name is empty a unique name for the root folder is generated.
    • The display in the lower area now shows the count of the new found channels and updated channels.

    [*]Add: "In-depth search": If this option is enabled the scanner also examines the NIT and can add new transponders or update existing one. This option takes a little longer than a normal scan.


    • A transponder list with at least one valid frequency entry is selected.
    • The whole frequency range (Start/End frequency) must be enabled.
    • Works only with "Scan Range"
    • Not available for ATSC or IPTV.
    • The new found transponders are not saved.

    If you need more influence on the procedure please use transedit.

Channel list editor

  • Removed: The button to clear the whole channel list. Please use the right click context menu if you need this function.
  • Reworked: The channel details have been reworked and several parameters have been added.
  • Fix: The DiseqC parameter for root entries were sometimes messed up.
  • Add: Import of channels.dat and channel ini files per drag'n'drop into the window.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor display problems.


  • Change: MiniEPG preview: OSD-Up/Down browses the channels, left right the time, OSD-OK switches to the channel.
    Ch+/ch- and Fav+/Fav- does switch the channel at once now. You can revert back to the old behavior in the options (TV + Radio).
  • Add: MiniEPG: The sky select channels menu (if available) can be opened from the MiniEPG via OSD-Green.
  • Fix: If delayed channel switching was active and the MiniEPG was closed before the switching time, the viewer changed to channel 0.
  • Add: The Instant recording popup menu is also shown in the OSD if the record button on the remote or keyboard is pressed. If you press the key again while the menu is visible it closes without any action (toggle).
  • Fix: Recordings view: fixed some problems with non ANSI languages.
  • Fix: Sky select channels (and sport etc) menu: The menu shows the channel names and the times instead the SID and the times (they have changed it somehow).
  • Fix: For channels with mono audio the wrong audio format image was shown.
  • Add: Delete bookmark shows a confirmation request.
  • Fix: Slideshow: The slide show wasn't stopped on switching to the last channel.
  • Fix: OSD-Slideshow: The pictures should now keep their aspect ratio.
  • Change: The OSD Image dialogue keeps the aspect ratio of the image.
  • Removed: OSD-Teletext mouse support removed.
  • Change: OSD-Teletext: Now always in 4:3 ratio.
  • Fix: OSD-Teletext: Several small fixes and changes.
  • Fix: Blu-ray was not started correctly from OSD Videos.
  • Change: OSD Weather window: OSD Green works also for the radar images now.
  • Fix: Fixed the windows error message box in OSD Videos after the last played DVD was remove while DVBViewer was closed.

Recording engine

  • Change: VCR: You can activate auto splitting of a recording if the PMT data changes while it is running. It's the same mechanism like the channel auto update.
  • Change: If the selected/default recording folder is not found the DVBViewer tries all folders in the recording folder list and takes the first one, which can be used. If no folder was found the default user/public video folder is used.
  • Fix: Recordings without EPG were not written to the database.


  • Add: Added support for plain text DVB Subtitles. Thanks @Elber for providing samples
  • Add: Added support for 2 bit DVB Subtitles. Thanks @Elber for providing samples

Non Ansi Charset support

  • Add: The control popup (the one you get if you move the mouse to the bottom of the DVBViewer window) supports Unicode EPG data (for now only Chinese EPG is unicode).
  • Add: The EPG hint shown in the favorites menu if hovering over a favorite entry supports Unicode EPG.
  • Change: Screenshot function: The screenshot function now handles Unicode filenames (for channel names and EPG with non Ansi chars).
  • Change: Channel list: The channel names are now shown with a charset based on the user locales. Thanks @ter9999.
  • Change: Chinese EPG should show now correctly everywhere (OSD/EPG window). Big Thanks @ter9999 for testing. These changes should also affect other non latin based languages.
  • Several more preparations for Unicode support

Popup Channellist

  • Fix: Popup channel list did not focus the correct channel sometimes.
  • Add: The popup channel list gets now the focus as soon as it pops up (only if the main window has the focus.
  • Fix: The Popup channel list closes if you leave the window to the right side.
  • Fix: Removed the entries "channel list editor" and "last channel" from the popup channel list context menu.

EPG Parsing

  • Change: ATSC: EPG scanner and parser completely rewritten. You do need a DVB card which supports "Open whole transponder" and the option must be enabled in the hardware options. Big thanks @antdude for testing.
  • Change: (EIT) EPG parser: optimized the detection of already processed tables.
  • Change: (EIT) EPG Processing: Fixup for Anixe, RTL and SuperRTL EPG. The viewer tries to map some info from the description to the subtitle.
  • Fix: Disabling the EPG processing could lead to faulty recording names.
  • Reworked: The internal EPG handling has been further reworked to optimize the multi language/entry handling.


  • Removed: OSD options: removed "Semitransparent" setting.
  • Add: TV + Radio options: Added a option to enable/disable the new MiniEPG behavior.
  • Add: Recording options: Added an option to enable auto split on PMT data change.


  • Add: Raw DiseqC support for KNC1 cards. Attention: The for this needed DLL is not compatible with older DVBViewer/Recording Service versions.
  • Fix: Some fixes for Unicable support.
  • Fix: Fixes for Skystar 2 DiseqC WDM.
  • Change: CAM support for Twinhan and KNC1 based cards. Some broadcasters send contradicting CA_Info descriptors on program and ES level (Hotbird the polish TVN channels as example), which some CAMs do not handle very well. Now the CA_PMT ignores the descriptors on the ES level if program level descriptors are present.
  • Add: Added support for Technisat Cablestar Combo HD CI, a DVB-T/DVB-C Hybrid device.
  • Add: Experimental enhanced DiseqC (without rotor support!) and Unicable support for the Skystar 2 by griga.
  • Fix: Shared LNB: Didn't work correctly if a recording was active.

Vista support

  • Add: If the PC goes into the away mode the graph of the main playback is shutdown and the Viewer tells the system it can go to sleep, if wants needs to.
  • Add: The DVBViewer sets now the away mode when it is recording.
  • Change: Several changes to make the away mode work if the DVBViewer and the recording service are on the same PC. The hibernate and Shutdown action in the DVBViewer are mapped to the Standby action if the recording service is recording. This puts the PC into the away mode. (Needs the current version of the recording service)


  • Add: Instant recording popup menu: Added the functions stop after current program and stop after next program. The items are only available if there is EPG present.
  • Fix: COM: the #volume tag was not set on startup.
  • Fix: Channel Auto Update for the main playback chocked on PMT=0 in the channel data.
  • Add: ISO Images: Added support for Virtual Clonedrive. Works the same as Daemon tools, but you have to select then VCDMount.exe instead of the Daemon.exe in the options.
  • Fix: EPG HTML Export: Fixed several problems and bugs.
  • Change: Wiki links: Depending on the selected language the german or english wiki link is shown in the help menu.
  • Add: New graphics for the Wizard made by rago.
  • Fix: The brightness setting was reset if started with -c parameter.
  • Fix: Several fixes in the translation code to avoid problems on faulty language files.
  • Change: Channel auto update: Reworked the channel auto update.
  • Fix: Plugins: Fixed a problem on channel change with additional graph rebuild.
  • Fix: EPG Window: Fixed rounding errors which could lead to wrong recording times on some systems.
  • Change: Data transfer from the DVBViewer Recording Service (timer, recordings, EPG lists) can be compressed now.
  • Several corrections and optimizations.
  • Language files updated.

Netstream Plugin

  • Removed: Autodiscovery settings removed.


  • Hardware handling up to date with the DVBViewer.

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If you have trouble with KNC One based cards getting DiseqC and the CI to work, you will need new MS VC runtime files. You can download them here and then just install them.

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In the default satellite channel list installed with this DVBViewer release the "Exclude from EPG" flag has been set by mistake for all Hotbird 13° East and Astra/Eurobird 28.2° East channels. It hides the EPG of these channels in the EPG Window (except on the first "EPG" tab).


If you are using the default channel list (not your own), you may enable the EPG selectively in the channel editor (untick the "Exclude from EPG" checkbox for the channels that you want to see in the EPG window), or download the attached file channels.dat and store it in the DVBViewer configuration folder (see Help Menu in DVBViewer). In this channel list the EPG is enabled for all channels.


Please close DVBViewer (and the Recording Service) before replacing the file.


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