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New Release soon

Guest hackbart

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Guest hackbart

You might wonder whats the point why the new release is waiting soo long. Well first of all we (the beta testers) set the measuring rod for quality issues quite high.

Since a couple of useful features went into the program, here just a few thigs which might become a late easter present:


1. unlimited Timeshift (only restricted by the hdd file system)

2. dynamic control panel - similiar lile in the old mediaplayer

3. better subtitle display (see screenshot) for hearing impaired people

4. ability to turn the video decoding off, while recording or streaming data

5. more skin features (i hope to create a few more later)

6. the best and most compatible mpeg2 recorder (griga's efford).


lots of smaller things i simply forgot to mention ;)




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the beta testers set the measuring rod for quality issues quite high.


Yes, Christian had a hard time... ;) nevertheless it's almost impossible to test all interactions of all DVBViewer features, since there are such a lot. It will still need the help of the users to make everything work flawlessly, I guess.


Together with the DVBViewer 2.1 I will upload a new version of the Videorecorder Plugin and the TSPlayer, since they had to be adapted to some DVBViewer changes.


The VRPlugin will use a completely new method of recording - it doesn't capture the data from the filter graph anymore, but right from the original transport stream, for all file formats (MPG, PVA...), so that recording (hopefully) becomes even more stable and error free. One of the new possibilities arising from that is watching a channel and recording another one at the same time as MPG (if it is broadcasted on the same transponder).


If the new recording method (wich has several advantages) proves to work reliably, it will probably be included in one of the next DVBViewer releases.


The new TSPlayer version will provide a convenient way to extract and convert broadcasts that have been recorded as transport stream (TS) to other file formats (MPG, PVA, MP2). This will be especially useful for people who want to keep the timeshift files that are created by the DVBViewer 2.1, since it uses the TS format for it.


Additionally I hope that I can upload a new TransEdit version this weekend (Transponder List Editor and Stand-Alone-Scanner).



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Guest hackbart

yes, by the way Michael is (after i was begging him todo) building a webpage portal plugin for the DVBViewer. The main concept behind this is to allow people the full control of the DVBViewer while using an web/wap browser.

Guess how much fun it would be to add pvr jobs with your mobile while sitting in the traffic jam ;)

Planned is a graphical epg which looks like known tv guide websites, an recorder job control, a channellist and last but not least html based teletext from the current channel. After this is finished i might add more features..


Since Micha is frequently visiting the forum he will surely tell you news about this



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Thanks for the news update. I wish Technisat was as active in producing new products (dual tuner, cam capability) as you guys are updating DVBViewer ;)

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