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Help! Trouble with sound.

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DVBViewer can't play the sound of some Japanese TV program.

The sample file recorded with DVBViewer is :



The audio of this program is AAC, but it is peculiar to Japan,

that is called "dual-mono".

This AAC stream contains two audio channels, but not stereo.

Usually the one is Japanese and the other is English.


In this case, the "Number of channles" in AAC header is "0", in order

to indicate that the sound is "dual-mono".

It seems that this "Number of channles"=0 causes a trouble in



MediaPlayerClassic with ffdshow can play the TS file with dual-mono

audio. Therefor I tried to use ffdshow with DVBViewer, but I couldn't.

(DVBViewer requires LATM_ACC?)

Please let me know the AAC decoder, that can be used for DVBViewer

other than libfaad2_wrapper. I want to try them.


Give me advice!


Thank you in advance.


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Thanks for the sample.


It has to be fixed in the libfaad2 wrapper and in the DVBViewer Filter, because both fail to detect the format. Already done (wasn't too difficult), I can play the file now, and I'll upload new versions within the next days. Please watch for announcements in the Plugins & MODs section of this forum...

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Thank you very much for quick reply.

I am looking forward to the new version.

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I confirmed that the TV program with dual-mono AAC audio can be played with :

* DVBViewer Pro Ver.

* DVBViewer Filter Ver.3.5.1

* Libfaad2Wrapper Ver.1.1.4


Thank you very much.

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