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HOWTO: Windows Powershell and DVBViewer

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Hi all,


the windows powershell is installed with Windows 7 by default. For older Windows versions it can be downloaded from Microsoft for free. To start powershell in Windows 7 simply type in "powershell" in the search field of the start menu.


Here is a short example how DVBViewer can be controlled by powershell:


$MyDVB = new-object -comobject "DVBViewerServer.DVBViewer"


The example above will start DVBViewer and activate channel 2 (actionid = 42). There should be no blank between SendCommand and "(42)". The command fails if DVBViewer is already running.


EDIT: Accessing an already running DVBViewer:


$MyDVB = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetActiveObject("DVBViewerServer.DVBViewer")


You can get a listing of all methods and properties of the $MyDVB object with the command:


$MyDVB | get-Member


For further operations see the DVBViewer COM interface documentation. It should be possible to use events too, have to test this.

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